Fate presto

Massimo Barzagli / Luisa Cortesi / Marina Giovannini

May 14, 2014 22:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

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May 13 h 19:00
conferenza iconoclasta (iconoclastic lecture)
contributions: Luigi Carlo Baldassarri, Armin Ebrahimi,
Sami Khatibi, Salvatore Sansone

May 14 h 22:00

May 15 h 22:00
Dancing / Stand clear of the closing doors

May 16 h 22:00
Dancing / Stand clear of the closing doors / Conferenza Heavy Metal


FATE PRESTO is a format created by artist Massimo Barzagli with Luisa Cortesi and Marina Giovannini. A project of dance and contemporary art that multiplies, amplifies and differentiates ways to represent an idea for a show, and a “container” – the Alcatraz space of Stazione Leopolda – which becomes a “place of dance exhibition”, a free space of observation on the different ways, different architectural slants, different forms that can come together in a single format.

FATE PRESTO – the title evokes works by Andy Warhol and Argento Migliore (Living Theatre) inspired by the Irpinia earthquake of 1980 – is conceived as a container of “modules”, “reflections”, “visions” that spring to life from differing means and disciplines, through a single de-structuring process. Yet if on the one hand the concept of destruction of the image advances, on the other the aim is to test the will to construct, to forge matter continuously, to construct “new visions” of the representation of the body or the bodies in relation one to the other and in relation to the time and place of the scene, overturning the rules.

FATE PRESTO comprises three modules/reflections, Dancing, Stand clear of the closing doors, Conferenza Heavy Metal, to be presented over three days through a process of addition (first day Dancing; second day Dancing + Stand clear of the closing doors; third day Dancing + Stand clear of the closing doors + Conferenza Heavy Metal).

Dancing is a choreography in the form of a duet with protagonists Luisa Cortesi and Marina Giovannini. The investigation and query on which the work is based advance in the relation between the dancers and in the very sense of the concept of dance itself. At the moment of realization it seems that the dancers distance themselves from their own singularity and authorial identity to become a sort of rib cage with two lungs. An image completed by composition, interaction, reflection and absorption.

Stand clear of the closing doors -“choreographic residency” – implies the involvement of ten interpreters, coordinated by dancer Lucrezia Palandri, and concentrates on the idea of participation in on-stage action and contact between the dancers’ bodies. An active collision that pushes the body of one towards that of the other, as happens in the “pogo” at raves or punk and metal concerts. That type of experience claims identity with a group and can launch a rite of social breakaway.

The Conferenza Heavy Metal, held by the young Florentine artist Emiliano Cammarota, leads us through a sort of dj-set towards listening to and experiencing this musical genre. The audience is invited to listen and a performance space is available as a dance floor, a place for collective dancing and sharing the music. The “stage” becomes a dance floor mirror and the spectators are the protagonists of the show.

The project was conceived as a living creative process. Starting in January in the spaces of CANGO – Cantieri Goldonetta in Florence and of the Teatro Era in Pontedera, Fabbrica Europa will then continue in international structures and festivals, in the vision of a route involving more and more new artists, co-ordinated by the basic nucleus Barzagli/Cortesi.

During the first programming of FATE PRESTO the works of the artists Nataly Arancio and Manuela Menici will be presented.

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Massimo Barzagli
Born in Marradi (Florence) in 1960, Massimo Barzagli lives and works between Prato and New York. He began to show his work in personal and collective exhibitions in the late eighties, while the presentation of his work in fully fledged performance art situations began towards the end of the nineties.
Over the years, with an experimental and interdisciplinary approach, he tried to contaminate the painting with other forms of expression, giving rise also to sculptures, installations and performances, confirming his willingness to consider the art work as an event
In 2005 he began to cooperate artistically with dancer Luisa Cortesi, with whom he devised performances, shows and video presented in Italian and international contemporary art centres, theatres and festivals.
In 2012 the Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci of organized a retrospective exhibition, “Grandezza naturale”, curated by Marco Bazzini , which focused on works of the last ten years.
Luisa Cortesi
After studying contemporary dance in Italy, Europe and the United States, she began in 1999 a process of experimentation in performing arts alternating personal projects and collaboration with artists from various disciplines. From 2000 to 2003 she participated in several productions of the Compagnia Virgilio Sieni Danza. At the same time she strengthens her partnership with visual artist Massimo Barzagli, with the creation of performances, shows and videos presented, among others, at Fabbrica Europa, Santarcangelo dei Teatri, Short Formats in Milan, Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Muzeum of Ljubljana, Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci of Prato, Galleria L’Attico in Rome and SPAF, Seoul Performing Art Festival.
Luisa Cortesi will be at 2014 Dance Biennale of Venice with the performances L’appuntamento and La Trappola.
Marina Giovannini
Independent dancer and performer, interested in the expressive potential of the body and the interaction with the different art languages, she collaborates with dancers, choreographers and artists but she also carries on a personal research toward a language that can favour the naturalness of gesture. Classically trained, she was a solo dancer in the Balletto di Toscana. She later had a long experience in the company Virgilio Sieni as a dancer and choreography assistant. She has worked on multimedia projects with Letizia Renzini. Together with Samuele Cardini she won the prize Equilibrio in Rome with Luogo Comune.
Marina Giovannini will be at 2014 Dance Biennale of Venice with the performances Meditation on beauty 1, 2, 3 and Punto sulla forma.


concept: Massimo Barzagli
choreographies and performance: Luisa Cortesi, Marina Giovannini
and the participants in the Choreographic Residency: Martina Belloni, Elvira Boccia, Elita Cannata, Marta Capaccioli, Sonia Cerrai,
Valery Claroni, Mar Jimenez, Lucrezia Palandri, Daniela Ranzetti, Elisa Scarselli
guest performer: Emiliano Cammarota
installation and sound project: Massimo Barzagli
scenography: Eva Sgrò
lighting: Marco Santambrogio
sound: Massimo Michelotti
photo: Elisa Gianni
co-production: Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Cab 008
residencies: Fondazione Pontedera Teatro / Teatro Era; CANGO, Firenze
with the support of Regione Toscana
[photo: Ilaria Costanzo]

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