Federica Santoro | Luca Tilli


November 25, 2022 - November 27, 2022 20:00

Teatro India in Rome | IT

We worked on this opera by Ibsen in an extractive way, eliminating and accumulating every word, every page, to listen to the forms of language, their concatenations, the senses, the structures and the sound flow. Eliminate previous history, the flows that circulate among people, their space, the cyclical collapse of linguistic, sound and human matter.

Hedvig is the conclusive work we created from Ibsen’s Wild Duck, in the past years we have produced studies, performances, dwelling on this text was necessary to understand its language and form.
Immediately the words, their concatenations abstract themselves, as to indicate a path of investigation into themselves. The structure of language is outlined and highlighted page by page, in this structure themes and figures emerge and vanish, as in a landscape where you don’t care too much about who says what to whom, but you know that landscape goes visualized, listened to from a distance in order to recognize the collective, intimate and concrete character of that mass of words.


from The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen
directed by and with Federica Santoro and Luca Tilli
dramaturgical adaptation: Federica Santoro
music: Luca Tilli
lighting design: Dario Salvagnini
the paintings on stage are by the painter Ettore Frani
production: Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le arti contemporanee
image (detail) Ettore Frani Rivolta 2021 cm 75×62 oil on lacquered board_ph.Paola Feraiorni














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