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inspired by the work of H. Ibsen

Tableau 1 “I Sommersi”
Mr Werle and his son – the photographer Hjalmar Ekdal and his daughter Edvige


The Wild Duck, text in 5 acts by H. Ibsen, is a bizarre, shamanic, disturbing and ironic work. The comparison between what we were and what we are going to be is very cruel and frightening, if we even fall in not being!
The project consists of two tableaus. The Tableau I will be developed during the residency at Fabbrica Europa; the Tableau II – “l’aperto” – will be developed in 2019.


Federica Santoro is a director and performer based in Rome. She worked as an actress with directors and contemporary theatre authors including Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Lucia Calamaro, Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Alfonso Santagata and others. She also collaborated on stage with experimental musicians like Luca Venitucci, Mike Cooper, Tim Hodgkinson, Fabrizio Spera, Luca Tilli and Sebi Tramontana. She co-directed and performed with Filippo Timi. In 2004 with the musician and performer Daniela Cattivelli she created CANE, an artistic duo working on sonic and vocal research and performance. In 2012 she was awarded the Ubu Prize as Best Actress for L’Origine del Mondo by Lucia Calamaro. She directed and staged texts by authors like Elfriede Jelinek, Thomas Bernhard, Peter Handke, chosen for their profound consciousness/unconsciousness style, intelligence and wittiness. In 2009 she began an artistic collaboration with the musician Luca Tilli with whom she created L’Othello, l’Ingegneria del consenso (2010) from Shakespeare, Warum eine Kuche (2013/14) by Peter Handke. In 2013 she wrote and directed In Società (restaged in 2016) in collaboration with Luca Tilli and Sebi Tramontana, in 2017 L’Anitraselvatica and Mancano pochi minuti.
Luca Tilli studied cello with Maestro Michele Chiapperino. After experiences with various Orchestras, the concert and study activity in the field of contemporary music and improvisation led him to collaborate with the American cellist Tristan Honsinger. Since 2005 his concert activity is concentrated in avant-garde music, collaborating regularly in trio with Luca Venitucci and Fabrizio Spera and participating in numerous festivals with Sebi Tramontana, Paul Lytton, John Edwards, Phil Minton, Massimo Pupillo, Lol Coxhill, Mike Cooper and Roberto Bellatalla in the RAST trio. In 2007 he played in the Katia Labèque’s ensemble B for Bang, replacing Giovanni Sollima. In 2011 he took part in the Zu 93 project with Zu and David Tibet (Current 93). Since 2006 he has been composing music for butoh dance performances within the Soma and Trasformazioni festivals in collaboration with the dancer Stefano Taiuti and created a new quartet ensemble together with Alberto Braida, Paul Lytton and John Edwards. In 2007 he played in the show of Daria Deflorian Bianco. He collaborated with the theater company Biancofango and with Santasangre in the Konya project. He took part in La Gilda Furiosa, a work by Giulia Tagliavia with a libretto by Stefano Benni. Since 2009 he has worked as a musician and performer in the shows L’Ingegneria del consenso, Divertimento (Perdutamente Teatro India), In Società, Warum eine Kuche by Peter Handke, and Mancano pochi minuti and L’Anitraselvatica, directed by Federica Santoro.
by Federica Santoro and Luca Tilli
direction and dramaturgical adaptation: Federica Santoro
music: Luca Tilli
set design: Marina Schindler
lighting design: Dario Salvagnini
performers: Federica Santoro, Gabriele Portoghese, Luca Tilli
artistic collaborators: Ettore Frani and Paola Feraiorni
The painting on stage is by the painter Ettore Frani.
Acknowledgments: Angelo Mai and Kollatino Underground for the residency in Rome, Performing Santa Caterina curated by the Società dello Spettacolo for the residency in Foligno (April 2017), Diana Arbib, Paola Feraiorni, Giulio Sonno, Alessandro Carpentieri for the video shooting and Eleonora Cerri Pecorella for the photos












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