A meeting between dancers, choreographers, visual artists, videomakers

September 9, 2015 - September 10, 2015 18:00

Complesso delle Murate in Florence | IT

August 24 – September 10, 2015

September 9 – 10, 2015 > h 18:00 – 21:00 (free admission)

Le Murate _ Florence

A project by
Centro di Creazione e Cultura
within Estate Fiorentina 2015
promoted by the Municipality of Florence

in collaboration with
Company Blu / Peer coaching project
ccap Stockholm
Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea
and Institut Français Florence, Caffè Letterario, Il Vivaio del Malcantone,
Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe, MUS.E, Routes to Employment

curated by Andrés Morte, Cristina Caprioli
with Charlotte Zerbey

Marina Arienzale, Pamela Barberi, Caterina Basso, Valerio LeftArm Bellini, Barbara Berti, Elvira Boccia, Anita Brandolini, Giulia Chiarantini, Lorenzo Ciacciavicca, Erika Di Crescenzo, Serena Di Pietro, Sharon Estacio, Alessandro Fava, Julie Havelund, Enrico L’Abbate, Agnese Lanza, Alessandra Maoggi, Olga Pavlenko, Mosè Risaliti, Giovanna Rovedo, Carlotta Scioldo, Mauro Stagi


Firenze Open Art Project proposes a meeting between dancers, choreographers, visual artists, videomakers, musicians, as a first step for the creation of a site where creativityresearch and innovation can become the key elements to build a civil fabric inserted in a new concept of art and addressing “new audiences”.

From August 24 to September 10, 2015 twenty-two young creators meet in Florence and exchange in a Transversal Talent Workshop where talent becomes the means to experiment with new ways of understanding art in all its dimensions.
The project, under the artistic direction of Andrés Morte (Social Cinema & Free Arts Institute, Barcelona) is open to artists who have as their point of reference the contemporary dance in an interaction with different creative languages (music, visual art, cinema and new media), with the specificity of the places where they work and with the communities that live in these places.

Why le Murate?
The Complesso de Le Murate is one of the most successful urban laboratories of Florence: the restoration of the former fifteenth-century cloistered convent, then become the city prison for a hundred years, was carried out respecting its historical and architectural value, but transformed it into an area integrated into the city, an urban protected but open space, a lively agora based on an innovative mix of social housing, public use, businesses and, above all, cultural activities.
The center of research and artistic production Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea has become the home of those in Florence work on and with the themes and languages of contemporary art, with particular regard to young dancers and choreographers whose artistic research is characterized by the interaction between different artistic languages.
In the context of Le Murate, this space is a perfect “base camp” from which Firenze Open Art Project can expand into all spaces of the complex and build an interactive relationship between the young creators and the diverse “new audiences” that inhabit the place, permanently or for a few hours.

The project
Firenze Open Art Project is not a project of production, but is the first step of a chain of self-training and accompaniment of young creators of the territory through a process of enhancement and strengthening of the creation work, that could and should have further steps of production outlets.
The project of shared residency that for two weeks will be carried out at Le Murate is a laboratory of ideas in progress with horizontal operating modes, in a collaborative and not competitive spirit, to build a creative ecosystem of communicating vessels based on a ethic of sharing and exchange.
The starting point is a reflection on the film dialogue between Abbas Kiarostami and Victor EriceCorrespondences: a “correspondence” through images, still and moving, in which these two protagonists of the independent cinema tell each other their background, their artistic vision, reveal affinities, and share experiences that go beyond the creative-productive level and directly affect the intimate part of the self.
It is in revealing yourself to the other that you become fully aware of yourself, of your motivations, needs and artistic choices.
Firenze Open Art Project wants to transfer this experience in the languages of dance and performance. Among the ten young artists participating in the project five duos will be formed which will be asked to transpose these Correspondences respecting the autonomy of each artist who will use, in addition to the word, their expressive language: gesture, sound, image.

The structure of the work
Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea and other spaces of the complex of Le Murate will be artistically inhabited for two weeks by twenty-two young creators who willl develop a path of self-training and creative exchange, peer to peer, interacting with the place and its inhabitants. The project process will be constantly accompanied by the curators Andrés Morte and Cristina Caprioli, one of the main experimental theorist of the Scandinavian scene, with choreographer and dancer Charlotte Zerbey and other invited artists and cultural operators, who will have a function of accompaniment, facilitation and enrichment of the path through the transmission of their experience and “correspondences” on their creative and professional path.
Some moments of meeting will be also realized with the workshop “Il Mestiere dell’Arte” (The Work of Art) which will be held from September 5 to 14 at Il Vivaio del Malcantone in Florence within the strategic partnership Erasmus+ “Routes to Employment. Arts and Culture as an enabler for growth”(R2E): a training project which aims at increasing the employability and life skills of young artists and creative workers and in which special attention is paid to the intercultural and interdisciplinary sensitivity and to the awareness of the artist’s role in the society.

Spaces and schedule
Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea – Sala Vetrate
Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea – Sala incontri
Caffè Letterario – gallery
Courtyard of Fondazione Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe
Courtyard of Associazione Testimonianze
Piazza Madonna della Neve
Semi-octagon Piazza Madonna della Neve

From August 24, every young artist participating in Firenze Open Art Project will independently work in the space chosen.
Every couple of artists will realize its Correspondence during different moments of the day, with the presence of the artistic director and any other invited artists.
In the second week, from August 31 to September 4, new “correspondences” between the duos of young artists will take place publicly, with the interactive participation of the inhabitants of the Le Murate and the public.
On September 9 and 10, in all closed and open spaces of the Complesso of Le Murate, the work will be shared with the public through a series of performative actions or installations.


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