Flavia Zaganelli


September 16, 2023 21:00

Manifattura Tabacchi B11 Firenze | IT

10€ / 8€ * / 5€ **

* Over 65; Arci, Unicoop Firenze, Controradio Club, Touring Club Italiano, Lungarno, IREOS, Centro Pecci Prato cardholders, holders of tickets for exhibitions and Amici di Palazzo Strozzi
** University, Accademia Belle Arti, IED, Polimoda students; students of dance schools with special agreements

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PARC, P.le delle Cascine 7, Florence
Tue > Sun h 5pm-7pm

within Mappe del Nuovo Mondo

electrica /ecosi’stɛma/ is a performance that investigates the relationship between plant bodies, human bodies and technology, using the languages of live electronic music, contemporary dance and biodata sonification.

In this site-specific version, within the spaces of Manifattura Tabacchi, the research transforms, expands and shatters in form and duration to become a performance installation. In this guise, In electrica /ecosi’stɛma/ presents itself as a suspended, immersive and mutable space-time that sees the co-presence of visible bodies, the human, vegetable and technological ones, and invisible bodies, the sonic, energetic, and vibrational ones.

The work can be traversed in a free mode of fruition: it is possible to enter and leave as many times as one wishes, position oneself where one prefers, and experience together with the performers the present ecosystem, predisposing oneself to active listening to the self and the outside self.

Flavia Zaganelli, dance artist and performer, trained independently, following the work of international choreographers and artists. In 2017 she completed an intensive dance and performance training period in Berlin, attending SMAHS #9 and graduating from the Tanzfabrik School of Contemporary Dance. Since 2013 she has been a performer for Italian and international artists. From 2017 she began to create choreographic works in collaboration with other artists and then embarked on a more independent path. In 2021 she presented at Danza Urbana The Game We Play, a choreographic work on the theme of the game, and INVISIBILIA, thanks to the support of the Bando Abitante of the Compagnia Virgilio Sieni. In 2023 she created electrica /ecosi’stɛma/ that was presented at Spazio Kor within the season curated by Chiara Bersani and Giulia Traversi.

concept, research, choreography, dance: Flavia Zaganelli
research and sound: Ceci Stuck
light design: Fabrizio Piro
costumes: Silvia Piantini
project supported by Lavanderia a Vapore and Piemonte dal Vivo as part of the choreographic residencies project Lavanderia a Vapore, Corniolo Art Platform, Bando Abitante – Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Virgilio Sieni and Fondazione CR Firenze
and by Santarcangelo Festival, P.I.A. Palazzina Indiano Arte, DAS Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali, Paleotto 11 e Fienile Fluò/Crexida con il sostegno di h(abita)t – Rete di Spazi per la Danza

Mappe del Nuovo Mondo (Maps of the New World) is a platform focusing on the new performing arts scene which shows creative processes and outcomes of young artists and international protagonists who work with body languages, music, sound, new technologies and interaction with the public, experimenting new practices and site-specific formats.








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