Focus arte e democrazia


May 13, 2009 17:00

Casa della Creatività di Firenze | IT


The artist and his ability to activate new models of social imaginary


Andrés Neumann, cultural operator
Benoît Lachambre, choreographer
Esteban Mihalik, director and actor
Andrés Morte, director and cultural operator
Branko Brezovec, theatre director
Marco Valerio Amico, choreographer and dancer
Martha Canfield, eacher of Spanish-American language and literature
Luca Rosi, director of the magazine Collettivo R and president of Associazione Atahualpa


A meeting/focus to discuss the role of the artist not only as a creator but also and above all as a protagonist and catalyst of processes of independence that are opposed to cultural globalization.
Among the topics that will be examined: cultural events as spaces for ideas and not as mere economic resources; youth culture as a field to be protected and not just as a right to be guaranteed.


















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