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May 6, 2010 - May 9, 2010 22:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


From the project POTENTIA energy / experiment / transition


There is in nature a process that treats solidification as a result of the application of an energy, more precisely as a result of a transfer of electricity (temperature change). We are talking about the phase transition, better known as state change, from solid to liquid, from liquid to gaseous.
In this perspective, what could better contain that sense of absence we were looking for was the ice, the solidification of water.
Ice, in fact, as a temperature, as a solidity, unconnected with the principles of physics and chemistry, much more in relation to a sensitive context in which the emotional plan rework the object, ice is the absence of heat, is paralysis of the movement, is the frost of the night, is the conceptual zeroing that makes it possible to formulate a new thought, is candor, is clarity, is the quiet needed to found a tension that will come to the nuclear.

By developing work over a two-year timeframe, we have chosen to articulate the project with work phases (experiments) concerning energy in its various declinations and the various reactions that the use of energy causes.
The project, at its final stage, will propose a reflection on the most imposing and most dangerous excessive form and reaction of this force: nuclear energy.
By anticipating a paroxysmal end, it seemed important that the first moment of work was really an initial state, which also contained the content of this principle.
So if the project ends with the utmost expression of energy, its initial moment will be linked to its opposite, to the absence of energy, to the absence of movement. In other words, we are talking about solidification.


Santasangre is an artistic research project that was born in Rome at the end of 2001.
The expression of a heterogeneous group for formation and personality begins their journey with the intent of developing expressive contamination processes along a transversal axis capable of touching the most significant artistic and performing languages ​​such as video, music, body, aesthetics of the environments. Their works were attended at the Romaeuropa Festival, the Grec Festival in Barcelona, ​​the Noorderzon Festival in Groningen, the Divadelna Nitra Festival, the FAKI in Zagreb, the Santarcangelo, Polverigi and Dro Festivals, the Sophiensaele seasons in Berlin, Pesaro, Bari, Udine, the Biennial of Young Artists in Europe and the Mediterranean, and also at Es.terni, Short Theatre, Opera Prima, Crisalide, Enzimi and Ipercorpo.
They got the special mention for the experimentation of the languages ​​at the Award Dante Cappelletti 2006 and were the winners of the New Creativity Announcement 2008 by the ETI-Italian Theater Authority. They are also supported by Fondazione Romaeuropa Festival, Drodesera>Centrale Fies and Bassano OperaEstate Festival.
Along with the companies of Città di Ebla, gruppo nanou, Ooffouro and Cosmesi are the founders of the Ipercorpo project.


concept: Diana Arbib, Luca Brinchi, Maria Carmela Milano, Dario Salvagnini, Pasquale Tricoci, Roberta Zanardo
score and sound processing: Dario Salvagnini
video processing: Diana Arbib, Luca Brinchi
3D processing: Alessandro Rosa
production: santasangre 2009
co-production: Romaeuropa Festival, Centrale Fies, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
organization: Elena Lamberti
residence: Centrale Fies, Dro
technical sponsor: Industrial Frigo Ice
in collaboration with Città di Ebla
The show is realized in the framework of the project ” Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts ” with the support of the European Commission’s Culture Program.








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