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platform A35


Borderlight is the second chapter of a project thought as part of a triptych where the protagonists are beauty and fulfillment, revealed in the moment in which the error is faced to turn it not int o a failure, but into an opportunity.
The whole itinerary is marked by a resistance against the change, by the certainty of evolving, when actually exists a state of motionless in own position. The attempt of a dialogue among three elements/ characters: my reason, my body and the other, in that specific case, a rudimentary machine guided by reason/ body. Then the dark, the unknown, the risk of being contaminated by what does not belong to you. Gradually, an outstretched look in ahead, to be certain of will to proceed. Fragments of me, corners of my skin, they are exhibited. The muscles are tightened, they tense, they contract, they are trained for the conflict. The body is my armour, the skin is my cuirass.

I keep on walking, cannot stop. I am not alone. Another step. On. Off. The attempt to remain fixed, in crystalline, perfect, sure positions, but already fallacious, false. I move, but I do not change. I am not ready. My body is only a naked body. I am shown in full light.

I am in the Bordelight. ERROR.
It changes the space. ERROR.
Control loss. ERROR.
Cut, fracture, spot, split, crack. ERROR.
The scratched skin. ERROR.
I drown here. I surrender. I receive it.
I am.
The enjoyment of letting go, of listening and declaiming the breaking, error, which makes you free of opening, of appearing, of having to look at you, as you really are. From this illusory breaking begins the composition of a work, of a communication that transcends the inactivity.
From this illusory error, the life begins.

Francesca Lombardo


Francesca Lombardo, dancer and performer, started her studies in Rome and in 2004. She moved to Germany to continue her vocational training at Pact-Zollverein and Tanzhaus nrw. In 2008 she graduated at the Accademy of Contemporary ArtEZ, Netherlands. From 2009 to 2010 she worked as a performer in the Dutch company De Stilte (Breda). From 2011 to 2013 she worked with Balletto Civile, directed by Michela Lucenti. In 2014 she worked as a dancer and choreographer for the opera “Cavalleria Rusticana” by Serena Senigallia, perfomed in the Festival “Como Città della Musica”.
At the same time she worked as a dance teacher, going on with her personal research. She teached in different places such as : “Il Piccolo Teatro di Pietralata” and “PAC”(Performing Art Center Rome”). In 2015 she debuted with her academy’s students in her short film “The House of Hope” and a choreographic research, About Us, within the Festival of Pathological Theatre in Rome.
In 2016 she worked for SPRAR (System of Protection Asylum migrants and refugees), creating the project “Dance Across the Borders”,a physical theatre workshop for migrants people. In 2016 she played in Beast without Beauty, first study by C&C Company, performed within the “Attraversamenti Multipli Festival” in Rome. In 2017 she presented first choreographic study Error 500. Currently she is cooperating as a performer and choreographer with Margine Operativo (Rome) for the creation of a new project named Beatiful Borders.
She has been selected by the Region Lazio for the new edition of TRAJECTORIES XL in Ravenna, a specific program for young authors.


by and Francesca Lombardo
technician-performer: Francesca Innocenzi
images by Francesca Innocenzi
residencies: Gruppo Jobel-Involving Art (Rieti), Nuovo Cinema Palazzo (Rome), Vers Stasi (Tuscania), partner of the Network ANTICORPI XL
Borderlight has been selected for PRESENTE FUTURO 2018 Young Contemporary Performing Arts Festival (Palermo)
[photo: Giada Spera]


platform A35 develops in the new space of Fabbrica Europa, PARC ex Scuderie Granducali in Florence, an unconventional place.
The project is based on the idea of presenting young choreographers, Italian and not only, whose research shows new creative processes, but also the changing society that is necessarily reflected in them.


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