Greta Francolini | Giuseppe Vincent Giampino


September 16, 2020 19:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

The project stems from the desire to experiment a co-creation between the two authors.
The theoretical-practical container of reference will be the one that intends choreographic work as an open / revealed structure / mechanism, inside-out, in which the performative plane of the bodies materializes without tending a representation of the “body in the act of showing itself” and therefore tacitly willing to support a romantic illusion of presence.
The first meeting defined a body in abandonment, in the absence of an “I” to guide it, starting from the interest in Bernini’s statue, the Ecstasy of Blessed Ludovica Albertoni, where the nun’s body is absent, abandoned and unconscious.
In this absence, the body remains an empty shell, free from any will.
From here, we see through dance the possibility of being able to disappear, to get out of the roles of myself and the other that arise when two bodies share the same space.
The relationship and all its forms are extinguished since we do not deal with “we”, we do not contemplate ourselves as “we”, “me” and “the other”.


by and with Giuseppe Vincent Giampino, Greta Francolini















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