A production for Fabbrica Europa 2016

May 6, 2016 21:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


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Michele Di Stefano, Fabrizio Favale, Cristina Rizzo

realized by
Leone Barilli, Daniele Bianco, Jari Boldrini, Vera Borghini, Vincenzo Cappuccio, Biagio Caravano, Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto, Andrea Dionisi, Michele Di Stefano, Fabrizio Favale, Francesca Foscarini, Martyn Garside, Elena Giannotti, Marina Giovannini, Julie Havelund, Jacopo Jenna, Agnese Lanza, Francesco Leone, Leonardo Maietto, Sol Picó, Cristina Rizzo, Irene Russolillo, Laura Scarpini, Minako Seki

light design
Tiziano Ruggia


The 2016 edition of Fabbrica Europa is even more of a creative sharing platform, opening out onto new project forms and activating an artistic movement both collective and independent. An interchange among artists triggering new forms of relation, perception and fruition of space, permeated by choreographic and sound markers that redesign its outlines and volumes.

Gamelan is a project created by Michele Di Stefano, Fabrizio Favale and Cristina Rizzo for Fabbrica Europa 2016. It is based on the previous experience of the Piattaforma Balinesecarried out during two editions of the Festival of Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Many choreographers and dancers, some already present at the Festival, others chosen on the international scene, are invited to begin a dance with the single purpose of constructing a shared succession of bodies on a simple, pre-existing sound over an hour and a half. Doing this just once, in countless parts and variations, is just one of a number of possibilities that may present themselves. Within one single large empty space a throng or the singularity of a solo is the matter of this game of unpredictable outcomes, swelling and emptying in the circularity of a stream, a river stretching towards infinity.
Gamelan is a primitive gesture since it is experienced before any thought of elaboration and invention directed at the scene. What appears is exclusively danced matter, the dawn of a language, complexity of vision and listening; it is a gesture of absolute speed and lightness, appearing and disappearing over the horizon in a flash of lightning.

The Piattaforma della Danza Balinese is a temporary projected on the practices and research of contemporary choreography curated by three Italian artistic figures, Michele Di Stefano, Fabrizio Favale and Cristina Rizzo; it started in 2014 in close collaboration with the Santarcangelo Festival Internazionale.
The device came within the normal duration and programming of a Festival as an unforeseen climatic event, focusing attention on what happened during the natural course of things, to generate unexpected or wild ambiences, or to sketch out possible or fabulous performances and so trigger immediate material for interchange with the audience.
Rather than an exotic image or the evoking of another world, the Piattaforma della Danza Balinese is the improvised view of an artistic ensemble turning simultaneously in the same direction, thus opening out onto a new way of envisaging a project that constantly evaluates moment by moment real economies and imaginative resources in order to set in motion a collective, independent artistic movement.






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