Gianni Maroccolo | Edda | Giorgio Canali


September 12, 2020 21:00

Teatro Puccini di Firenze | IT


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“Alone” is an album that celebrates infinity and sounds to infinity, a radical and ambitious journey, a “perpetual disc” as the Italian musician and producer Gianni Maroccolo himself defines it, which started in December 2018 and has now at its fourth volume, closing its first cycle.
A unique and endless sound path, divided into multiple stages every six months. And, as in all journeys, in which you always meet someone, Maroccolo has met and will meet many travel companions.

At the Fabbrica Europa Festival, the first live staging: Alone not Alone.
Alongside Maroccolo there are Matilde Benvenuti, Flavio Ferri, Simone Filippi, Mariano De Tassis, Vladimir Jagodic.
Guests: Giorgio Canali and Edda.



a Fabbrica Europa / Contempo Records production














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