Giardino Chiuso


August 26, 2022 21:30

Sottomondo San Gimignano | IT

Free admission

+ 39 328 1493675

also scheduled
at 22:30


Lo Spazzasuoni (The Sound-Sweep) is inspired by the homonymous story by J.G. Ballard, which takes place in a dystopian future where technology takes over human qualities and results in a clash between past, present and future. The decay of a generation gives birth to a new one that does not recognize and overcome the first one, without remorse, without gratitude. Two thoughts that are heatedly discussing each other, aware of the inevitable conclusion of the controversy.
We are in a world where music and voice, as we know them now, no longer exist: now, we listened to, unconsciously, through an ultrasonic technique, and the sound remains incorporated inside the rooms where it is heard; which is why a figure of “cleaner” was established, the “spazzasuoni”.
An actress, Madame Gioconda, devastated by the end of her career and by drugs, will attempt an exhausting and ephemeral defense of sounds, music, thought and vocally expressed writing and the art “soiled” by the exuberance of everyday acoustic vices, but therefore alive and unique. Our Madame Gioconda hides in an underground shelter where sounds seem protected to her, and she will incessantly try to replicate them endlessly: sounds full of dirt that settle in the intersections of the wall, in every crack, in every corner. The arrival of the “spazzasuoni” will put all her effort in danger, everything risks being cleaned up, sterilized. An unequal struggle, a destiny already written?


writng and mise en espace: Tuccio Guicciardini, Patrizia de Bari
in collaboration with Carla Tatò
produzione: Giardino Chiuso/Orizzonti Verticali















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