Giardino Chiuso


December 11, 2021 - December 12, 2021 16:00

Torre e Casa Campatelli di San Gimignano | IT

Also scheduled on
December 11, 2021 17:00
December 12, 2021 12:00
December 12, 2021 16:00


Bianchisentieri investigates the themes of conservation and transmission of the memory of our cultural heritage with visual and sound suggestions.
The transposition into a surreal image will give life to a rare “animal”, perhaps already disappeared, that drags a dress built with pages of abandoned books, ready for destruction, as a symbol of the memory of the past and repositories of knowledge.
The traces left by its passage take form, as in the dreams, assuming a concrete physiognomy and giving life to desires, curiosity and desire for knowledge.
Bianchi (white) as sheets of paper and Sentieri (paths) as the furrows of writing, the primary source of transmission and knowledge.

The dress refers to archetypal images and sounds: skeleton/armor/bone structure and sea/wind, in a mixture of natural elements such as water, air and earth.
The performance changes according to the places from which it draws inspiration and which suggest each time new choreographic, sound, and video scores, and it was presented in libraries, museums, theatres, urban spaces and other locations; the artist Andrea Montagnani creates the video part, depending on the different sites.

Bianchisentieri was represented for the first time in the ancient forest of Cansiglio and Somadida as part of Insilva, a project for the valorization of environmental resources, a collaboration that continues to this days.
In 2016, it was presented on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition “The end of the world” for the inauguration of the new Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Prato. In 2020 the performance became the inspiration for the new edition of Festival Orizzonti Verticali (San Gimignano, Italy) with the project Sentieri di carta (title of a publication of the writer Sebastiano Vassalli with whom Giardino Chiuso has often collaborated over the years, kindly granted for the occasion from the publishing house Pulcinoelefante). In 2021 Bianchisentieri received the recognition of the Associazione Beni Italiani Patrimonio Mondiale.
Bianchisentieri is not only a performance but, thanks to its highly adaptable and
communicative nature, can include different type of workshops. Through transversal actions, in fact, it is possible to carry out activities of engagement at various levels, which can regenerate the sense of community and at the same time convey the value of cultural action.


concept: Tuccio Guicciardini, Patrizia de Bari
choreography: Patrizia de Bari
performed by Jennifer Lavinia Rosati
original music: Sabino de Bari
visual: Andrea Montagnani/pupillaquadra
costume: Rosaria Minneci
sound processing: Daniele Borri
co-production: Giardino Chiuso, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
with the support of Ministero della Cultura and Regione Toscana
and the patronage of Associazione Beni Italiani Patrimonio Mondiale











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