Live dj set

May 15, 2010 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


a project of Ghiaccioli e Branzini, Tulioxi,
Alberto Becucci and Dj Grissino


Dance Bollywood, gipsy swing, electronic brass band, digital mariachi, kuduro beat.
As in an unbreakable “salad bowl” GLOBAL KAN KAN fish from the ocean of global music the best fish of the year.
The instrumental incursions, the hyperbola of the contamination of contaminated material, binds out-of-time arrangements by reinforcing the idea of ​​live, unique performance.

What we consider in our search within the World Music are musical formats that can preserve musical traditions through parallel use of modern instruments and ancient musical grammars.
Our search for folk music is recalled electronically with particular attention to the rhythms of eastern Europe.
What we have seen in European clubs over the last ten years has affected us and depressed at the same time, new electronic music lives a period of anxious uncertainty. Against the sterility of end-to-end experiments, we propose a dj set that respects the tradition and geographical and social belonging of the peoples and their music.
Global Kan Kan














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