Greta Francolini


May 9, 2019 19:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

Reservation required.
Tel. 055 351599 / 055 2638480

Annunciazione is a surface, and as such extends in two dimensions only: the horizontal and the vertical one.
As a photograph “the event is never transcended for the sake of something else […]. Photograph is like the gesture of the child pointing his finger at something and saying: that, there it is, lo! but says nothing else; a photograph cannot be transformed (spoken) philosophically, it is wholly ballasted by the contingency of which it is the weightless, transparent envelope.” (Roland Barthes)
Sound breaks the image and go beyond the two-dimensional. It’s the unique element giving volume, hence color, to what is shown on the scene. This has the purpose of entering in a narrative dynamics, only sticked to the visual element which is actually empty.
The narrative structure that is shown on a TV screen exists only to allow the show to start, go on and finish.


Greta Francolini (1993) is a choreographer and dancer. She realized Solo Sapore selected for “Nuove Traiettorie XL – percorsi di formazione per giovani autori | azione Network Anticorpi XL”; Ritornello, finalist project for “DNAppunti Coreografici 2017” and selected for “XL Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore 2018″. This pièce is now touring and it is co-produced by CAB 008.
In 2016 she worked for Annamaria Ajmone at “Venice Biennale College”.
In 2017 she was selected for the project “Half a House”, part of “N.O.W. New Open Working Process for the performing arts” within Fabbrica Europa festival (Florence), and for the formation project “ISA Inteatro Summer Academy” Villa Nappi, Polverigi (Marche, Italy).
In June 2018 she worked as a performer in Prélude by Cristina Kristal Rizzo in Hamburg.
in September 2018 she was selected for a three-months residency at Anghiari Dance Hub, where she has worked Annunciazione.


by Greta Francolini
with Chiara Bollettino, Greta Francolini
co-production: Anghiari Dance Hub and Cab 008
Thanks to the Scuola di Agraria of the Università degli Studi di Firenze for the collaboration.


[photo: Irene Occhiato]









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