Greta Francolini


September 13, 2020 16:30

Cascine Park in Florence - Circolo Il Quercione | IT

Free admission

Also scheduled
at 17:30 and 18:30


Within SECRET FLORENCE 2020_Cascine Edition
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Ritornello is a concatenation between The Disintegration Loops, a track by William Basinski, and a few pop songs.
Pop music creates boundaries of a specific culture, a slang and legible music. When this kind of music hurts the movement, something happens in dance, maybe dance itself happens. Transition from Basinski to pop tracks is a dark corner, something that can’t be ignored but at the same time it isn’t important. Body knows that something has changed and gets aware of it as a fact.
Refrain is the main element of a song, the evocative part which gives the access to a mutual language by memorisation. The imagination baggage of the song, overlapping the movement, empty and release the dance which gets ephemeral and meaningless.


Greta Francolini (1993) is a choreographer and a dancer. As a choreographer she created Solo Sapore, selected for “Nuove Traiettorie XL – percorsi di formazione per giovani autori | azione Network Anticorpi XL”; Ritornello, finalist project for “DNAppunti Coreografici 2017” and selected for “XL Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore 2018″; Annunciazione, selected for “XL Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore 2019″.
In 2016 she worked for Annamaria Ajmone at “Venice Biennale College”.
In 2017 she was selected for the project “Half a House”, part of “N.O.W. New Open Working Process for the performing arts” within Fabbrica Europa Festival (Florence); for the training project “ISA Inteatro Summer Academy” Villa Nappi Polverigi (Marche, Italy).
In June 2018 she worked as a performer in Prélude by Cristina Kristal Rizzo in Hamburg.
In September 2018 she was selected for a three-month residency in the context of Anghiari Dance Hub. Her works were presented within several festivals such as Inteatro Polverigi, Fabbrica Europa, Ammutinamenti Ravenna, Interplay Torino, Dominio Pubblico Roma, Presente Futuro Palermo, Find Cagliari.


by and with Greta Francolini
production: Cab 008
supported by Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il turismo, Regione Toscana, CapoTrave / Kilowatt; Marche Teatro / Villa Nappi Residenze; Armunia Residenza Creativa; Vera Stasi; SpazioK Kinkaleri; Teatrino dei Fondi San Miniato
Finalist project in DNAppunti Coreografici 2017


SECRET FLORENCE 2020_Cascine Edition is a special edition that includes a path of open air artistic performances, curated by Fabbrica Europa, Musicus Concentus, Tempo Reale, Centro nazionale di produzione per la danza Virgilio Sieni, and the creation of a video documentary produced by Lo Schermo dell’Arte in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni, Florence.
These Florentine organizations have chosen a symbolic place of sociability, the Cascine Park, to populate it with contemporary dance and music.



[photo: Tiziano Massaroni]






















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