Helver’s night

Kamerni Teatar '55 / Sarajevo

May 18, 2014 19:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

Duration: about 1h 30m
In original language
with Italian subtitles

Full price 20€
Reduced price 15€
students 10€

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In an unnamed city, in an anonymous European country, Helver and Carla are hiding. As a civil war rages outside, they know that is only a matter of time before they are found. But the mentally disturbed Helver is hugely excited by what he can only comprehend as one big game of soldiers. He is inspired by Gilbert, a fascistic paramilitary leader. Although he has been enthusiastically joining in with Gilbert’s campaign to rid the country of “filthy scum”, he has no concept of the immediate danger that he himself is in.
This play, from Polish playwright Ingmar Villkvist, deals with how the increasing militarism of a society seeps into even the most domestic of settings. Although the specific setting is ambiguous, it could refer to any country that has seen violent conflict – from Nazi Germany, to the former Yugoslavia or Rwanda. By comparing Helver’s obsession with Gilbert to his unthinking abuse of Carla, the show explores how easily people can be manipulated in times of mass hysteria.
Whilst the play’s ending holds few surprises, and the production does verge on the sentimental at times, it still provides a useful insight into how human beings cope when they have nowhere else to run.

Between 1992 and 1995, when Sarajevo was a city under siege, the Kamerni Teatar 55 brought out its mission of “cultural resistance to aggression and barbarism.” During these three years, under mortars and bombs, sometimes with the only lighting of the candles, the company remained true to its principles, going on stage almost every day in front of a large and devoted audience. It produced 28 creations, always avoiding any compromise and any ideological, national, religious, political influence.
directed by Dino Mustafic
dramartugy: Ljubica Oostojic
set design: Kemal Hrustanovic
with Ermin Bravo, Mirjana Karanovic
stage manager: Rade Jaglicic
Produttore: Nusret Ceman – Direttore: Zlatko Topcic
light design: Elvedin Bajraktarevic, Nino Brutus
sound: Edin Hajdarevic
propmen: Mirsad Imamovic, Senad Bešic, Milan Novic –
make-up: Jasmina Hadžic
costumes: Ramiza Saric

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