Heretico – Dopo questo apparente nulla


May 13, 2017 19:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


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Every religion is a castle in the sky and theology is but ignorance of natural causes reduced to a system


Seven chapters as tracks of a concept album, playing one single antidogmatic and antireligious theme.
Seven as the golden lampstands, the seals, and the trumpet calls described in Saint John’s hallucinatory book of Apocalypse.
From the creation of the world to its end, Christianity, like other religions, tells the history of humanity through lies, leveraging the oldest human feeling ever: fear. Maybe fear of an empty sky, since stars and galaxies, so far and invisible as they are to the naked eye, cannot fill the void caused by the everfailing attempt to find a reason that gives meaning to everything.
Thus man’s natural yearning to infinity turned into urgency for consolation, for hereafters, for prêt-à- porter answers, and for a God who gives but rise to opium-of-the-mind religions. Once born, the need to believe grows, multiplies, becomes contagious and ends up – from time immemorial to present day – dividing us and leading us to kill each other. Indeed, it divides but “brings peace”, deceives but soothes. Brutality after brutality, it’s ended up denying and perverting our true nature, slowing down our development, depriving us even of our own mortality, and stirring up deadly intolerance all over the planet.
In the Holy Writ we may find words of death, violence, blackmail, and the aim is clear: to trigger a senseless sense of guilt. Such words fail completely at giving us a deeper explanation for the wonders of the world, or even just at filling us with pure awe. Yet, in a moment of clarity we can see the big lie threading around us: big enough to have become our culture, our own cradle of civilization. So big that it got rid of great minds of great men like Giordano Bruno, when it was so
powerful to establish regimes no less cruel than the worst dictatorships.
I wonder how long we should keep on regarding and giving credit to such allegories, which lay on primitive myths, copy-pasted, whose truth has been corrupted in order to fill million-year gaps in the history of humanity.
After all, as it goes the terrible motto of a famous German dictator (a man as atrocious as those who expected to Christianly “enlighten” the Dark Ages by sending the freethought to the stake): “Broad masses more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie.”
Simone Perinelli


Leviedelfool was officially founded as a theater company in 2010 in Rome. It is a free and autonomous organization developing artistic projects by Simone Perinelli and Isabella Rotolo and hosting other theatre artists who collaborate on company’s productions.


dramaturgy and direction: Simone Perinelli
with Claudia Marsicano, Elisa Capecchi, Daniele Turconi e Simone Perinelli
aassistant director and artistic advisor: Isabella Rotolo
original music: Massimiliano Setti
light design and set design: Fabio Giommarelli
sound project and sound technician: Niccolò Menegazzo
costumes: Labárt Desing
image: Nico Lopez Bruchi
photo: Manuela Giusto
production: OrizzontiFestival / Chiusi
in co-production with Fabbrica Europa, Armunia, Triangolo Scaleno Teatro / Teatri di Vetro, Gli Scarti / FuoriLuogo
and with the support of Pim OFF, Straligut Teatro, Teatro Era – CSRT, NTC Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie
thanks to Roberto Castello for his helpfulness and suggestions



[photo: Manuela Giusto]






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