May 18, 2011 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Hot Rats
Hot Rats (the name is a tribute to the famous album by Frank Zappa) is a band formed by four Tuscan musicians: Leonardo Donnini, Tommaso Pieraccioni, Francesco Bonifazzi and Mikael Ravera.
After a debut as a cover band of Red Hot Chili Peppers, the band starts to compose and play their own music around Tuscany.
Hot Rats is a band that plays to make people dance, to entertain and have fun, and to express its love for rock’n’roll.


The project Vowland started in 2006 from the meeting between Matteo Montuschi (guitar) and Alessandro Del Perugia (vocals). Born as a project full of electronic sounds, the arrangements then converge towards a scathing, engaging and original sound. Deliberately provocative and brilliant texts accompany the electric lashes of guitars.
The project then expands with other musicians with an extensive experience behind them: Sara Vettori (bass), Matteo Pucci (guitar) and Massimo Conti (drums). In 2008 the band recorded the EP Vowland and is currently working on a new album that will probably come out in the next months.


an event by Stazione Utopia


Toscana Factory is the new Fabbrica Europa “trademark”. With this logo we want to open again Stazione Leopolda up to the “Made in Tuscany”, enhancing local artistic realities, with the aim to create a network among them, and to promote and support them.
Toscana Factory is a work platform and also an open laboratory where to develop artistic energies in an international context.









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