The Minotaur. Journey of a hero

Zaches Teatro

May 21, 2016 21:00

Teatro Studio Mila Pieralli Scandicci | IT


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May 22, 2016 21:00


Ancient ruins, the sound of rubble, stones crumble, statues figures come to life in murky atmosphere, evoking the myth they belong to. The Minotaur, not only the emblem of a monstrous creature, unfamiliar, rejected and crused, is also a symbol of Cretan civilization, influential, prosperous and antagonist of Athens, gets dominated and painted as abnormal and cruel. As history becomes myth a conquerer becomes hero: Theseus.
Delving into the show, the closer we get to the monster, we enter the inner being of the hero: his interiority isn’t always bright and noble, perhaps unpleasant, unpredictable and labyrinthine, to the point that maybe, at times victim and oppressor are confused.
First off all, the intent is to provoke an amotional involvement, in order to bring forth a profound reflection on the controversial figure of the hero and the monster: what identifies one from the other? What raises our admiration or our contempt? What matters most: the ventures undertaken or their means?
The show immerses the viewer in a tome of art history in which verses, as the performers move with steps inspired by traditional dances, giving an ancestral ritual flavor.
Zaches Teatro


Zaches Teatro: founded in Florence in 2007, it is active on the national and international level. The Company works on the combination of different artistic languages: contemporary dance, expressive means of puppetry, the use of mask, the relationship between movement and live electronics.
With the latest productions it has participated in important national and international festivals dedicated to the contemporary scene, receiving awards and recognition.


choreography, direction and dramatury: Luana Gramegna
sets, lighting design, costumes and masks: Francesco Givone
sound design and original music: Stefano Ciardi
collaboration to the dramaturgy and writing: Enrica Zampetti
with Gianluca Gabriele, Susannah Iheme, Daria Menichetti
artistic collaboration for sets, costumes and sound: Alessia Castellano
sound technician: Dylan Lorimer
dramaturgical advisor: Simone Faloppa
promotion and organization: Isabella Cordioli
a Zaches Teatro 2015/2016 production
with the support of Regione Toscana and MiBACT
in collaboration with Fondazione Sipario Toscana onlus – La Città del Teatro, Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro, Straligut Teatro, Kilowatt Festival, I Macelli di Certaldo
in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro della Toscana
[photo: Guido Mencari]

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