Il mio tempo

Takahiro Fujita

October 12, 2016 - October 14, 2016 19:00

Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater | JP


IL MIO TEMPO takes pace in a hotel where everyday different languages mix together and just like any other day, we have customer coming and staying in.
“Where is it? When is it?” We don’t know.
This is the hotel for the people who is looking for “my time.”

After the first step of creation of IL MIO TEMPO, produced by Fondazione Teatro della Toscana and presented at Teatro Era, Pontedera on September 2015, director Takahiro Fujita get together again with four actors of his company and four Italian actors, to develop the performance in a three-weeks artistic residency at Sainokuni Saitama Art Theater in Tokyo.
The performance is presented as work-in-progress and will then premiere in Japan in Autumn 2017

As in Fujita previous productions indeed, the director does not start from a text that already exists but he creates it day by day interviewing the actors on topics he would like to include in the performance.
The actors are guided by Fujita to detail and retrace childhood memories, images and sensations. These stories, elaborated and stripped of any clear biographic reference, are mixed and edited together till the performance is presented to the audience.

IL MIO TEMPO also represents an opportunity for both Italian and Japanese actors to find a new way to communicate on stage, and to go further the linguistic boundaries and the cultural gap.

text and direction: Takahiro Fujita
with Aya Ogiwara, Ayumi Narita, Satoshi Hasatani, Yuriko Kawasaki, Andrea Falcone, Giacomo Bogani, Sara Fallani, Camilla Bonacchi
set design: Jistuko Mesuda
translation: Valerio Ricci
organization: Kana Hayashi, Luisa Zuffo
tour manager and subtitles: Miwa Monden
production: mum&gypsy
with the support of Saison Foundation, Arts Council Tokyo
thanks to Sainokuni Saitama Art Theater Tokyo, Fondazione Teatro della Toscana, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa

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