poema d'un frastaglio spiumato, minuto e senza fine

Fabrizio Favale / Le Supplici

May 7, 2013 21:00

Teatro Cantiere Florida di Firenze | IT

Duration: 60m

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“The mythical events are also mutations of the landscape”. Roberto Calasso

Isolario consists of 14 choreographic short pieces – Cartografia disabitata, Poema d’un gennaio principalmente atmosferico, Poema d’un frastaglio spiumato, minuto e senza fine, La zangolatura del Waddenzee, Il ragazzo del Waddenzee, Il ragazzo di Achille, Till Waldrapp, L’infinito [di Giacomo Leopardi], Isolario [di Vincenzo Coronelli], Fauna and Flora [di Donald Ewans], Annapurna, Matera degli Apache, Forse c’era solo perché ci passasse mio fratello, Ara giacinto – that are different from each other as a catalogue of islands of the same achipelago. So these are partially separated, mostly converge or are included one into another.
The central part of the work is a long and very complex intertwinement of dynamics performed by seven dancers who go to outline imaginary regions dense of tangles of forms and qualities of movement, which refer to those dynamic tangles that we find only in places dense of species of waterfowl. There, in the thick, made of strangeness that seems to leave us out, or absorb us forever, we see, in transparency, the landscape, which is the background that lets profiles in itself the path of a giant embroidery. Finally, in the same place, or perhaps just before, we see also something else: ourselves. But not ourselves in the present time, but in a kind of remote time, archaic, magical.


research and choreography: Fabrizio Favale
original soundtrack: Teho Teardo
dancers: Jari Boldrini, Marta Capaccioli, Martina Danieli, Andrea Del Bianco, Fabrizio Favale, Giulio Petrucci, Stefano Roveda
technical collaborations: Alberto Trebbi
with the support of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, City of Bologna, Emilia Romagna
thanks to Cango Cantieri Goldonetta Florence, Bologna Raum, Fienile Fluo Bologna, Spazio Danza Bologna

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