K.I.T.E._ambiente di avvio Odissea


May 12, 2010 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


K.I.T.E._ambiente di avvio Odissea is an installation-performance in which interaction with the audience will determine the final profile of the event. An event which one person will necessarily perceive and impersonate differently from another.
The performance, freely inspired by Homer’s Odyssey and Joyce’s Ulysses, proposes to get the audience to live the event in the first person, returning to the experience of an odyssey experienced in awareness or unawareness as in the case of Ulysses or the Dubliner Leopold Bloom.
The ‘odyssey’ intended here is in fact the relationship that connects each of us to the environment in a chain of actions and reactions in which man is no longer a passive spectator but interacts with his surroundings.

In K.I.T.E._ambiente di avvio Odissea the audience will interact with six different ambiences/situations. Six, as are the vertices of the hexagon that will eventually constitute the stage space of the performance, Ulysses’ ship, which the audience will be free to board and to move around, without being forced to follow any particular pathway, whether physical or interpretative.

D.L.T. will re-elaborate and accompany the interactions (interventions/stimuli) of the audience with their surroundings through manipulation by audio, video and performance action.
Each interaction will therefore be translated into a here and now stage action and reaction (image, sound or gestured expression of the performer), in a continuous exchange of roles between the audience and D.L.T. Between Ulysses and his crew.


D.L.T. (Heyoke Cultural Association) came into being in September 2005 from the meeting among five young people each of whom had come from important different experiences in the artistic field, each wishing to create a personal path of experimentation and research. All members of the company collaborated with some of the most important Italian theatre groups. These different experiences led (and are still leading) the group to delineate its own poetics based on the interaction of several elements on stage. Sound, light and stage technique take on a dramaturgic value of active interaction with the actor. The first show to be realised by the company was 2941, written and played by Daniele Bartolini and Daniele Melissi under the collective direction of the whole group. In June 2006, the show opened in the Church of Santo Stefano at Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and it took part in the first edition of the “Zoom Festival” at the Teatro Studio of Scandicci in December of the same year. In 2008 the company won the “Emergenze Creative 2008” open competition of the City of Florence with the Pane e Pupazzi, a project taken from Fassbinder’s text. In the same year the production of the show Il grattacielo sullo spillo was completed and presented in Benevento, Naples (Teatro Area Nord) and Bologna (Teatro San Martino). In November 2009 Il grattacielo sullo spillo was presented at the VI edition of the Zoom Festival. Furthermore, between 2006 and 2008, two short films were made: Alice nel Paese dell’Etere (finalist at the Zone video festival 2006) and Il Pianto dell’Albero (finalist at the international cinema festival of Bergamo 2007) both directed by Tommaso Branconi.


conception: Neri Avuri, Daniele Bartolini,
Tommaso Branconi, Matteo Ciardi, Chiara Fontanella
dramaturgic research and scenic writing: Daniele Bartolini
video elaboration and video mapping: Tommaso Branconi
set and sound design: Matteo Ciardi
scenes: Eva Sgrò
scenes collaboration: Marco Burroni
technical collaboration: Marco Santambrogio
voice of the cyclops: Michele Andrei
performers: Daniele Bartolini, Fabio Mancini, Neri Avuri,
Monia Baldini, Lorenzo De Laugier
organisation and promotion: Chiara Fontanella
thanks to: Famiglia Ciappi, Francesco Branconi, Rebecca Branconi








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