KIBOU ga doutoka

Moto Takahashi

June 7, 2015 19:00

Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea | IT


Limited seats
Reservation required
Tel. 055 2638480

within the International showcase of young choreographers
Wandering in the silent night
Not travelling anywhere
I am around and around and around and around
like a tiny speck in Saturnʼs rings
I am here for a long time
le grand bleu
A little bit changed

Kibou means hope in Japanese. I cannot clearly tell whether hope exists or not, but seems there is a feeling of expectation somewhere in my mind. The moment this subtle feeling is gone, my existence would also disappear too. This piece is about my being, the world that would remain without my being, the presence of my companion, and the solitude I can never escape. This piece brings me back to what has already been lost.
Moto Takahashi

Moto Takahashi first started ballet during her early childhood and eventually started creating solo and duo performances as a university student. In 2011 she joined a dance company Tokyo Electrock Stairs, led by Kentaro!!, and has performed with them both in Japan and overseas. She teaches for
high school dance clubs. She was selected as a finalist in the Yokohama Dance Collection EX2012 Competition. Her creations are Disappears (2013), Aiiro Sigh (2014), KIBOU ga doutoka (2014).


choreography and performance by Moto Takahashi
with the support of Fondation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa
Programme in collaboration with Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis

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