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Outdoor square


WEST VIDEO 2003-2009
(Paris) (Rome) (Amsterdam) (Vienna) (Berlin)
(Brussels) (London) (Beijing) (Prague) (Tokyo) (NewYork)


On the occasion of Fabbrica Europa 2009, Kinkaleri presents WEST, a project consisting of videoclips, individually edited and projected outdoors, of twelve cities touched by the project over five years: Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Vienna, Athens , Brussels, Berlin, Prague, London, Beijing, Tokyo and New York.

WEST is a work developed from 2003 to 2007; during this time we have crossed with a camera those cities that in this historic moment represent for us a cultural cultural idea. In these cities, streets, squares, streets of the center or the most anonymous ones in the suburbs, we have stopped occasional passers-by in their daily running,  asking them a simple and at the same time very intimate performance: try to fall to the ground as dead after watching the camera set in front of them.
A performance repeated in various locations, chosen for their iconographic value, monuments or spaces strongly characterized by their symbolic and identifying value in the city, or in anonymous and unrecognizable places such as some streets and suburbs.


project, realization: Kinkaleri
video technologies: The Fake Factory
co-production: OAC – Observatory for Contemporary Arts Florence Cassa di Risparmio
in collaboration with: Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci Prato, Xing Bologna, Fabbrica Europa
project co-production partners:
WEST (NewYork): OAC Contemporary Arts Observatory Ente Cassa di Risparmio of Florence, NewYork Culture Institute, Xing
WEST (Tokyo): Italian Theater Company, Urban Dance Association, 4th skin arts project, Italian Culture Institute Tokyo, Xing
WEST (Prague): Italian Theater Company, 4 + 4 Days in Motion 07 festival, Xing
WEST (Beijing): Italian Cultural Institute Beijing, Province of Prato, Department of Culture, Xing
WEST (London): RED ReggioEmiliaDanza, Xing
WEST (Bruxelles): Kaaitheater Brussels, Xing
WEST (Berlin): Hebbel-am-Ufer Berlin, Xing
WEST (Athina): VideoDance – Thessaloniki International Film Festival, TTV Riccione, Xing
WEST (Wien): TanzQuartierWien, Xing
WEST (Amsterdam): Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci Prato, Xing
WEST (Rome): Enzimi Festival, Xing
WEST (Paris): Batofar cherche l’Italie, Xing
Thanks to all the people who helped us in the various cities in complex shooting organization; to all those who chose to participate by offering to falls and without which WEST could not exist.
Special thanks to Neri Torrigiani for continuous support to the project.













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