La Madonna di Sodoma

Luca Scarlini

July 7, 2017 18:30

Loggia Teatro dei Leggieri in San Gimignano | IT


Free admission

On October 11, 1507, the painter Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, known as Sodoma for his passions, had a golden ducat from the priory of Monteoliveto Maggiore convent to come to ‘Sancto Geminiano’ to paint a Sant’Ivo che amministra la giustizia (Sant’Ivo who administers justice) in the chapel in the entrance hall of Palazzo Vecchio del Podestà. In the following years he painted a Madonna con bambino, angeli e santi (Madonna with child, angels and saints), that was accomplished in 1513. This controversial artist, always supported by the aristocracy of Siena and surroundings, painted a work that is a little hidden in the heart of San Gimignano art places and that has recently been restored.
Also in this edition of Orizzonti Verticali Luca Scarlini accompanies us, throughout the story of one of the most enigmatic and fascinating figures of the Renaissance, on an unusual and engaging journey to discover the artists who over the centuries have contributed with their works to the richness of the artistic and cultural heritage of the town of fine towers, adding another portrait after those of Maurits Cornelis Escher, Benozzo Gozzoli and Memmo di Filippuccio.


Essayist and storyteller, often performing with singers and actors, Luca Scarlini teaches at the IED in Florence, at the Holden School in Turin, at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and in other Italian and foreign institutions. He is also a translator from English and French for various publishing houses and for the theatre. He creates stories for museums, including Gallerie d’Italia in Milan and the Museum of Modern Art in Verona. Since 2014 Scarlini hosts the program “Museo Nazionale” on Radio Tre. He regularly writes on “Alias”, a supplement of the newspaper “Il Manifesto”, and on the magazine “Il Giornale dell’Arte”. Among his recent books, often on artistic events: Il Caravaggio rubato (Sellerio), Siviero contro Hitler. La battaglia per l’arte (Skira), Memorie di un’opera d’arte. La Marchesa Casati Stampa (Skira), Libri maledetti (Cairo), Ermafroditi (Carocci), Conosci Milano? (Clichy), Ziggy Stardust. La vera natura dei sogni (ADD Editore).


by and with Luca Scarlini
co-production: Giardino Chiuso/Orizzonti Verticali
with the support of Regione Toscana


[photo: Francesca Di Giuseppe]












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