La Sagra della Primavera Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Cristina Rizzo

June 15, 2013 21:00

CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta di Firenze | IT

solo studio version for Fabbrica Europa

…When movement becomes delirium, it has on reality an effect of distorsion, making it a malleable imaginary, a very strange territory re-produced by attempts…No deepnesses but only surfaces…The time of dance is now…

Let’s assume that in the image we’re looking at, suddenly, for a split second, the frame shifts, turns around or lengthens and lets us see other details of a room which we would have otherwise missed, and which we’ll perhaps never see anyway. Or maybe we find ourselves listening to music on our own and imagine who may be playing it, where it may be played: a whole orchestra or an army of flies, a desert island with us lying on the beach or the silence after snow has fallen, or the thunders during a storm in a village in Asia in the middle of a bamboo jungle, or nothing, an empty bubble in which we float, or Brazilian drums playing the Samba, or a crowd of people dancing, or…What do I see when I listen? What do I hear when I see?
Cristina Rizzo


concept, choreography, sound elaboration: Cristina Rizzo
dance: Cristina Rizzo
music: Igor Fedorovic Stravinskij
recording by The Cleveland Orchestra directed by Pierre Boulez (1992)
production: CAB008
residencies: Summer Residencies Bruxelles, Teatro Era Pontedera, I Macelli Certaldo, Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto, PimOFF
technical collaboration: TerniFestival
Duration: 35m

8 €

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