Le Cri

Cie Nacera Belaza

May 16, 2010 21:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


In the minimalistic and expressive performance of Nacera Belaza, magically, asceticism and pleasure, spiritualism and a discreet form of sensuality coexist, along with the repulsion of an inner cry of freedom.
The Franco-Algerian choreographer of Muslim culture has always sought new ways to reconcile faith with the art of movement with his company, digging patiently his way into the universe of contemporary dance. A process that began over 15 years ago with each one its chimera until it was fully mature to the latter work born in 2008 and successfully presented in 2009 in Jerusalem, Zurich, Berlin, Cairo, at the Avignon Festival and scheduled for the Danspace Project in New York.


choreography: Nacera Belaza
interpreters: Dalila Belaza, Nacera Belaza
lights: Eric Soyer
direct lights: Christophe Renaud
video and soundtrack: Nacera Belaza
sing: Larbi Bestam
pictures: Corinne Dardé
sound editor: Nicolas Perrin
Prize “Choreography Revelation 2008” of the French Critics Committee of Theater, Music and Dance












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