L’Innesto by Luigi Pirandello

Creation residency

Anatolij Vasiliev

May 27, 2013 - June 1, 2013 00:00

Teatro Era di Pontedera | IT

By reservation only
Limited seats

Info tel.
+39 0587 55720
+39 0587 57034

Master: Anatolij Vasiliev

Participants: Giovanna Bozzolo, Sara Fenoglio, Lionel Gonzalez, Giovanni Longhin, Debora Mattiello, Ilaria Salonna, Boaz Trinker, Giacomo Veronesi

We do not work on the texts of Luigi Pirandello. We work on the techniques of “mixed structures” and the material of our study is the author Pirandello.
It is a work with the action – neither explanatory nor imitative.
It is a work of compositional construction of the verbal text and of the action, in parallel with the source that comes from the author.
It is a work on precise structures by means of improvisation.
Practice of etjuds.
This is what we do in our research, but also in our training, which is essential part of every search.
The workshop has resulted from the training course for theatre pedagogues held in Venice that has developed in different stages of residency at the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw.
Anatolij Vasiliev

Anatolij Vasiliev will be in residency at Teatro Era in Pontedera from May 8 to June 1.
During this period of activity, there will be work sessions open to the public.

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