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Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


a project by Leonardo Bigazzi and Camilla Toschi

Macro Mac (Macro Beats) _ dj set
Active since ’94 as dj, rapper, producer and beatmaker, is one of the protagonists of the Italian black scene. Already in ’99, with his first solo work Roots, has attracted the attention of the audience and in those years he has collaborated with some of the most important artists of the Italian scene: Casinò Royale, Sud Sound System, Brusco, Turi, Cor Veleno and others. In 2002 he joined Red Bull Homegroove’s dj-team and participated in the 2003 edition of South Africa where he performed several times and collaborated with a world-famous producer. Thanks to the various “soundclash” wins, challenges to exclusive recordings of two or more sound systems, he starts to bring his own music and mixing technique abroad, until he graduates from Europe’s Euro Sound War 2006 in Germany. In 2007 he founded the label Macro Beats with which he produced, on the reggae / dancehall side, the lucky Bullet Era Riddim, the rhythm that has depopulated in mid-night evenings, and the single Domina Music from the album Vruscia by Gioman & Killacat. In the summer of 2009, she released her first solo cd The Macro Orchestra – Love Edition , a nu-soul flavor project featuring artists such as Patrick Benifei (Casino Royale), Biggie Bash, Julia and Hyst. The dj set sums up its extensive music career of these years: funk, soul, hip hop and caribbean music mixed with art with its phenomenal technique combined with a unique and refined taste.


Biga aka El-Climatic (Ragnampiza) _ dj set
Francesco “Biga” Bigazzi is one of the finest talents of Italian djing. You can admire the work in different formations and modes: in just an eclectic DJ that with technical expertise and stylistic simplicity can mix hip hop, latin beat, dusty funk and obscure soundtrack in something he calls “El Climatico” ; with Andrea Bracali forms the acclaimed electronic project Ether, devoted to mental and abstract battles; along with Pizzo and Herrera forms the colorful Trio Tenura, a dj team from the Caribbean world. It is also part of Ragnampiza, a crew of DJs / producers / diggers who on Monday night conducts a radio program on Controradio, a historic independent Florentine radio.


Selfish is a project by Giovanni Antignano focused on live video performance. His research ranges from video art to visuals and live performances. His live sets are focused on obsessive video loop processing, in which the action is repeatedly repeated and stratified until it reaches its completion. From the late nineties to today he has been a member of various and more or less important collectives such as BlindVision, and the conceptual group TIMET.
He has taken part in numerous national and international festivals and festivals (Sonik Park – 4×4 for Papesse Contemporary Art Center Siena, Sonic Garden for Factory Europa, Sonic Garden a night vision of Musicus Concentus, Videominuto, Station to Station, Polyethylene 2.0, MAF05 Bangkok, Israeli Digital Lab, Weast Costa Nu Music Electronic Art, Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth, MUV, Elettrowave, Creativity Festival …).
He collaborated with Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Fenin (Shitkatapult), Mark Jones (Wall of Sounds), Dr. Lektroluv, Will White, Argenis Brito, Dinky, Costa, Ad Bourke, Økapi, Autobam, USO – Unidentified Sound Object , Marco Parente, Marco Messina (99 Posse),, Milanese, Dj Shantel, Lorenzo Brusci, TIMET, David Cossin, Larry Heard, Ether, among others.
He is the founder of Zerofeedback video label and co-director of, an Italian portal devoted to the world of vjing.









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