Marcat Dance


October 13, 2024 19:00

Teatro Cantiere Florida di Firenze | IT

13€ / 10€ * / 8€ **
* Over 65; Arci, Unicoop Firenze, Controradio Club, Touring Club Italiano, Institut français, Lungarno, IREOS, Centro Pecci Prato cardholders, holders of tickets for exhibitions and Amici di Palazzo Strozzi, subscribers and employees of Autolinee Toscane, Unifi staff and teachers
** University, Accademia delle Belle Arti, Conservatorio, IED, Polimoda students; students of schools with special agreements

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as part of Fabbrica Europa 2024

Mario Bermúdez, choreographer of Marcat Dance, immersed in a splendid moment of choreographic maturity, continues to investigate with an intense and dazzling physical language, deeply rooted and connected to human emotions and contradictions. On this occasion, he takes Dante’s “Hell” as his starting point, referring to its initiation and symbology along the journey.

Averno is a sensory trance, a journey in which the viewer is immersed from start to finish, empathizing with the performers, navigating between the community and the individual. A journey where the power of liberation and the nakedness of our entity are revealed to us.

This journey brings each performer closer to his true essence, to his most intuitive and animal self. Along the way, each must face the darker versions of themselves: their doubts, fears, and weaknesses. But also and always, there is a great force of unity and awareness within and amongst them – the seven performers can see themselves as a single traveler – where they all become a mirror and landscape until they discover that they can find freedom even in the darkest and most unknown places.
Averno is a transformative physical and emotional journey that contains a search: the inner reconquest.

Mario Bermúdez, artistic director, choreographer and dancer of Marcat Dance, is a prolific and multi-award-winning Spanish artist who has developed his own language through movement, characterized by its dynamic physicality and emotional intensity. His acclaimed works are performed by his own company Marcat Dance as well as other leading dance companies around the world, including the National Dance Company of Spain, the National Dance Company of Wales, Hung Dance Taiwan and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, among others.
Since it was founded in 2016 by Bermúdez and Catherine Coury, Marcat Dance has performed internationally and transmitted its teachings, touring the Middle East, Europe, Asia and America.

choreographer: Mario Bermúdez Gil
interpreters: Mario Bermúdez, Catherine Coury, Marilisa Gallicchio, Javier de la Asunción, Andrea Pérez, David Eusse y Raúl Melcón
rehearsal director: Catherine Coury
composer: Jose Pablo Polo
dramaturgy: Isabel Vázquez
costume design: Moises Nieto
light design: Mamen B. Gil
production: Mamen B. Gil
distribution: Danzas del Mundo
management: Claudia Morgana
communication: SURNAMES, Narradores Transmedia
This project was supported by a grant from Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).

photo: ©BSLG









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