Marco Baliani


August 27, 2022 21:30

Rocca di Montestaffoli in San Gimignano | IT

10€ / 7€*
*under 18, university students, Intesa Sanpaolo employees and account holders, members of the Sottomondo Association, theatre and dance schools students, over 65, guests of affiliated accommodation facilities, holders of Musei Civici tickets and San Gimignano Pass

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Yes, there will also be the sea inside the many “oppositions” that guide this narration. The sea that separates or unites with its flows, that rejects or welcomes, always restless, like us humans who struggle between opposite visions and opposite feelings.
I will tell how writing opposes the narrator’s voice, going back in time when someone began to engrave strange signs on clay tablets that could only be interpreted by knowing how to “read” them.
From there, always crossing stories, I will travel between the opposite shores of reality and imagination, discovering that the distances are not so great, sometimes a dream can become reality or vice versa, and the same reality is never so defined once and for all. And traveling itself will be opposed to those who instead remain stationary, nomadism versus permanence: two opposite poles that force us to focus on the theme of the body, a solid and material body, and to put it in relation with the invisible essence of the soul.
Then there will be a mysterious note to undermine the word identity, opposing the gaze of “others” to the claimed security of our self.
Finally, after crossing different, ancient and contemporary seas we will find ourselves face to face with the last opposition, that between humans and nature, and it will be an African story to tell it.
Each pair of oppositions will therefore be conveyed by a story, and others will intervene to make lose traces or to make find them again.
– Marco Baliani


by and with Marco Baliani
production: Casa Degli Alfieri


[photo: Ivan Nocera]












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