October 25, 2018 - October 28, 2018 21:00

Romaeuropa - Teatro Vascello | IT

Sunday, October 28 at 17:00

within the project RIC.CI
Reconstruction Italian Contemporary Choreography Anni 80/90


Tango Glaciale, a historical pièce created by 22-year old Mario Martone with the Falso Movimento group, is now “reloaded” in a sort of time machine by Anna Redi, Raffaele Di Florio and three actors who were not yet born in 1982.
Yet, this is far from being a nostalgic operation.
The pièce is a necessary piece in the RIC.CI project, since it shows how, at a time when our choreographic tradition was undergoing intense renovation, contemporary theatre, under the influence of Artaud, was also moving away from the dominant role of language towards a more physical approach.
Sixty minutes filled with a cascade of images, music (pop, jazz and more!), dance and actions/quotations in a universe of rhythmic freshness: and, surprisingly, this “1980s post-modernity” launches us into the future.


project, set design, and direction: Mario Martone
new staging curated by Raffaele di Florio and Anna Redi
videographics: Alessandro Papa
with Jozef Gjura, Giulia Odetto and Filippo Porro
pictorial interventions/design: Lino Fiorito
graphic set/cartoons: Daniele Bigliardo
film excerpts/ direction assistants: Angelo Curti, Pasquale Mari
soundtrack elaboration: Daghi Rondanini
costumes design: Ernesto Esposito
production: Fondazione Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Bellini, Fondazione della Danza/Aterballetto
co-produced by Fondazione Ravenna Manifestazioni
with the support of Torinodanza festival, Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale
in collaboration with Amat – Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa,Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese – Consorzio Regionale per le Arti e la Cultura, Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo onlus, Fondazione Milano – Civica Scuola di Teatro “Paolo Grassi”
new staging within RIC.CI Project
concept and artistic direction: Marinella Guatterini



[photo: Marco Spada]










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