Masako Matsushita


September 9, 2020 21:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

un/dress is a metaphorical performance by Italian/Japanese choreographer and performer Masako Matsushita that comes from the fusion of body and object with in a moving painting. It focuses on the exploration of changes and cloth migration, keeping the natural way of dressing and undressing the piece becomes an inquiry into the role of feminine clothing and body in modern society.
The body is strongly present and at the same time absent, is the central point of unification, isthmus which links, hourglass of time, amplifies horizons indicating a crossover.
The presence of Prussian blue fabric strips brings precision, regularity, direction and dimension, and at the same time establishes behaviours in the achievement of a purpose.


by Masako Matsushita
music: Federico Moschetti
light design: Maria Virzì
production assistant: Paolo Paggi
supported by: Nanou Associazione Culturale, Domenico Garofalo Gabriella Biancotto, Lesley Millar, AMAT
production residencies: Teatro Sperimentale, Teatro Persiani, Naturalmente Sana, Bonnie Bird Theatre
management and distribution: ULTRA – Michele Mele, Domenico Garofalo


[photo: Paolo Paggi]
























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