Meditation on beauty N°1 / Meditation on beauty N°2

Marina Giovannini

June 19, 2013 19:00

CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta di Firenze | IT

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What’s the meaning of beauty? How can one state the ideal of gracefulness?
In a place without frames, in the rhytm of movement and balance within shapes that recall geometrical perfection, the dancers move in a space made up of parallelepipeds.
Meditation on beauty isn’t but the performance of what one seizes from the surrounding environment, from the condition we live in, which beseeches the necessity of beauty.
This performance is divided into many parts, and each chapter expresses its considerations and marks a point in space. Each passage of the performance is an answer to the aestethics of a choreography which goes beyond the idea of spectacularization, becoming a signal of existence, an action of reappropriation of the space of the body. Dancers and space interact in a precise path, where dancing bodies reclaim the space of beauty, without searching for artifices, starting from what actually exists.
Nina Simone, Bruce McLean and Maya Deren are only some of the visual and sound suggestions which converge to the main points of the choreographical performance: womanliness, which is frail and strong at the same time, the relation with beauty, the necessity of gracefulness, the search of balance.

Marina Giovannini is an independent dancer and performer, interested in the expressive potentiality of human body. She dedicates her time to a personal path of reasearch of a language which favours the naturalness of gestures.


choreographer: Marina Giovannini
performance: Marta Capaccioli, Veronica Cornacchini, Marina Giovannini, Lucrezia Palandri
music: Nina Simone
production: CAB008

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