Michele Ifigenia/Tyche


September 17, 2023 22:00

Teatro Cantiere Florida di Firenze | IT

within Mappe del Nuovo Mondo

Citerone generates from a specific analysis of Euripides’ Bacchae, by isolating the choral sections of the tragedy.
The work narrates the return of Dyonisus, god of ecstasy, to a Greece disrespectful towards his divine essence. Revenge is close and is spread over the length of the play: playing the part of the scapegoats are the Theban women, first victims, then executioners, shaken trough the acts of a vengeful god.
In Citerone the bacchaes are interpreted by two performers, synthesis of the Greek chorus, who give life to a body chant in honor of Dionysus.

choreography: Michele Ifigenia Colturi
dramaturg: Ciro Ciancio, Riccardo Vanetta
performers: Enzina Cappelli, Andreyna De la Soledad
co-production: Ariella Vidach AiEP

Cuma is a choreographic solo revolving around the figure of the sibyl, in which the various elements that belong to the archetype of the prophetess are deconstructed and pieced together to bring into existence a final message.
The sibyl, in spite of herself, chants an ending hymn, a gestural song that evolves into a cry.
All her prophecies come through the possession of the god. Such is the nature of the divine message that the sybil’s own body is torn apart by the prophecy itself.

choreography: Michele Ifigenia Colturi
dramaturg: Ciro Ciancio, Riccardo Vanetta
performers: Federica D’Aversa
sound: Tarek Bouguerra
production: Anghiari Dance Hub, Ariella Vidach AiEP

Michele Ifigenia Colturi has been following side by side university studies in modern literature and theatrical studies. He collaborated with the Kerkis Ancient Theater Association studying the representability of classical texts. He studied with some historical theatrical institutions: Teatro Valdoca, Societas Raffaello Sanzio. In 2020 he graduated as a dancer-choreographer at the Paolo Grassi Civic School of Theater with the performance Fisica dell’aspra comunione by Claudia Castellucci. In these years of artistic training he worked and studied with various choreographers and masters: Maria Consagra, Alessio Maria Romano, Olivier Dubois, Paola Lattanzi, Emanuela Tagliavia, Ariella Vidach, Silvia Rampelli, Cesc Gelabert.
The Michele Ifigenia/Tyche choreographic research group was born within two important Italian training centers: Paolo Grassi Civic School of Theatre in Milan and the Scuola Conia, an institute supported by the Societas Raffaello Sanzio.
Tyche is made up of five members: a choreographer, two dramaturg and three performers / dancers.

Mappe del Nuovo Mondo (Maps of the New World) is a platform focusing on the new performing arts scene which shows creative processes and outcomes of young artists and international protagonists who work with body languages, music, sound, new technologies and interaction with the public, experimenting new practices and site-specific formats.

photo: Elena Tilli










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