Work for voice and sounds

May 11, 2011 19:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Millennio Terzo, Nostra Meraviglia is a work for voice and sounds, inspired by Il Cielo di Lardo, a collection of poems by Guido Oldani, and by Realismo Terminale, a socio-anthropological essay written by the same author. On stage Gilberto Colla with his voice that changes in real time, during the poetry reading, thanks to the reprocessing made by sound designer Thomas Chinnery. With a wise use of technology, Chinnery creates a real soundscape like a second set design that becomes complementary to that built in collaboration with artist Isanna Generali: a couple of umbrellas, a bookstand, a raincoat, a small coffee table, a few other objects and an imaginary window that, when opened, instead of bringing out, leads to an inner dialogue. Original sounds are mixed with pieces of Antonio Segafreddo, Miles Davis, the group Labradford: a mix of classic and contemporary to represent the original “poetics of the objects” of the poet Guido Oldani.
The soundscape leads the viewer to familiar places: the patch of a city at the stroke of midnight, passage to the third millennium, with bangers, fireworks and champagne corks thrown into the sky; the view of the street from the balcony of a building in which a being, still human, tries to recreate a kind of personal eden.
On the seashore, in a country deafened by the sounds of a hen house, by the barking of a dog, by the noise of the wind and by the rain accompanied by the thunder. And beside, a cradle where the cry of a baby in a moment turns into an amused groaning listening to a carillon.
The water and its noise/song permeate the minds and hearts of those who look and listen, preparing him to receive the flow of emotions aroused by the words: those of the poems which lead to a deep, intimate reflection, different for each of us because it touches our own experiences.


poems and writings: Guido Oldani
collected and read by Gilberto Colla
sound designer: Thomas Chinnery
artistic collaboration: Isanna Generali
direction: Gilberto Colla
production: Sevenworks
press office: Barbara Mignani


Toscana Factory is the new Fabbrica Europa “trademark”. With this logo we want to open again Stazione Leopolda up to the “Made in Tuscany”, enhancing local artistic realities, with the aim to create a network among them, and to promote and support them.
Toscana Factory is a work platform and also an open laboratory where to develop artistic energies in an international context.










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