Mongolia Expedisound


May 7, 2009 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


TetAar: live
Blaecke: visual
Mik Izif: live
in collaboration with SWITCH – Creative social network


Mongolia Expedisound is a real human and musical adventure, a “road-trip” of more than 30 000 kilometers in trucks from France in the direction of Mongolia.
2 years of preparation, 16 persons, 3 trucks, 6 crossed countries and a main objective: arrive up to the orphanage of State of Ulaan Baatar, capital of Mongolia.
For one and a half month the team shares the everyday life of about 150 children and teenagers with as only ambition to amuse them and to bring them a little of comfort. Very rich, affectionate but also joyful and moving exchanges.
Other objective, discovery of the Mongolian culture in particular its musical aspect.
Meetings with local groups, mixture of cultures, exchanges of knowledge’s the fruitful fusion of 2 universes which everything seems to set!
Equipped with a sound-system, the team organizes parties and recordings sounds of traditional music.
All the sounds, the singings and the music were recorded during the journey in the stoneware of the meetings and are thus exclusive. The result is an audacious “éthno-électro” music with strong accent of dub, Dub step and trip hop. The dance floor is not excluded with some techno pearls and break beat and the presence of traditional songs from Mongolia.














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