Luisa Cortesi

September 26, 2014 - September 28, 2014 20:00

Seoul Arts Center | KR

When we speak of “mousing” we think of that movement of the fingers on the back curve of the mouse. A movement that is always an index of search on the total surface of the digital space, a gesture that links the thinking body to the web virtual machine. The movement of the fingers is biologically and anthropologically a biological, universal ancestral, physical exercise. The access to the virtual world is through the movement of the fingers and composes and decomposes unconscious, information, real-life situations or fictitious constructions.
This creation project involves a work with a Korean dancer who will assimilate and then transform and adapt a choreographic score already built. The action takes place in a close space full of objects with which the female figure acts, composes and decomposes their gestures and movements.
The choreographic part of interaction and relationship with these objects and costumes chosen previously will be entirely built during the rehearsals. Some costumes will be brought from Italy and the objects (a hair dryer, a centrifuge, a shaker, colored light bulbs, hair brushes, a chair, etc.) will be searched in Seoul.


concept: Luisa Cortesi / Massimo Barzagli
choreography: Luisa Cortesi
performed by Luisa Cortesi and Cha Jin-Yeob
production: KNCDC
with the support of MIBACT
and the collaboration of Fondazione Fabbrica Europa and CAB 008

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