mum & gypsy


March 5, 2019 - March 7, 2019 21:00

Teatro Studio Mila Pieralli Scandicci | IT

In Italian and Japanese

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The playwright Takahiro Fujita has been leading the Japanese theatre scene since he won one of the most important theatre award in Japan at the age of 26.
His creative platform includes not only theatre but multiple art forms such as music, clothing, novels, photography.
After his company mum & gypsy was invited for the first time by the Festival Fabbrica Europa in Florence, he led workshops and toured in four cities in Italy spending quite a lot of time with Italian theatre people.

This piece was created by him and the Italian staff and actors during the travel between Japan and Italy and has taken few years of time to develop.
IL MIO TEMPO is based on the interviews to the actors.
Fujita deconstructed the content of those interviews and break them into pieces to build up one unique period of time happening in a situation of a hotel.


mum & gypsy is a theatre company founded in 2007 by Takahiro Fujita, one of the youngest directors of the “zero generation”. In Japan’s contemporary theatre world, this new generation of directors and playwrights have come on the scene after the advent of Oriza Hirata’s colloquial spoken-language theatre style. Hirata, director, playwright but also essayist and professor, is the founder of the “contemporary colloquial theatre”, a theatrical style that eschews theatre conventions in favour of “a theatre that is a direct portrayal of the world” and, through the use of simple dialogues, recreates and re-enacts everyday life on stage.
Following the theory of Hirata, Takahiro Fujita has created his own style which is characterized by a new methodology in which story lines develop in parallel through a complex interweaving of scenes. Symbolic scenes are repeated in the form of “refrains” that are presented from different characters’ perspectives, much like the technique of quickly shifting scenes in a movie. This method also makes creative use of the “physical transformations” that occur in the actor during these shifting perspectives.


direction and text: Takahiro Fujita
performer: Aya Ogiwara, Ayumi Narita, Satoshi Hasatani, Yuriko Kawasaki, Andrea Falcone, Giacomo Bogani, Sara Fallani, and Camilla Bonacchi
A project by Fondazione Fabbrica Europa and Fondazione Teatro della Toscana/Centro per la Sperimentazione e la Ricerca Teatrale
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal year 2017, Arts Council Tokyo, The Saison Foundation
A special thanks to Artex Centro per l’Artigianato Artistico e Tradizionale della Toscana











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