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May 4, 2019 19:00

Teatro della Pergola di Firenze - Saloncino | IT

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students 8€ **

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in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro della Toscana


From La Morte di Marx e altri racconti by Sebastiano Vassalli


Macchine is a journey through the relationship between cars and man. Videos and sounds whiz and interact with the human protagonists stripped of their identity. Any rolling object is considered a human appendix: if in ancient times the epic armour of mythological heroes aroused fear, today cars, the new armours that define our identity, our social role, arouse admiration and awe.
The performance investigates this relationship between technique and man, transformed into something else, in a motorist with armour and wheels. This thought is evoked by the words of Sebastiano Vassalli, in particular by the disturbing concept of metamorphosis that emerges from his book La Morte di Marx e altri racconti (Einaudi, 2006), from which the texts of the show are taken.
Like the Kafkaesque hero of The Metamorphosis, we too now have our steel shell, which is the car, mostly equipped. A shell where life and death meet in a weak balance.
Video, word and movement are the languages ​​used to tell the succession of paintings with rapid rhythms. On the scene, six interpreters witness, in spite of themselves, the frenetic human anonymity and the inexorable change.

Video, spoken word and movement are the languages used to tell the succession of tableau with rapid rhythms. On stage performers become witnesses against their will, of the frenetic human anonymity and inexorable change.


In April 2018, the Giardino Chiuso company gave a training course on scenic action in Yerevan (Armenia) with young dancers and actors and curated the staging of the Macchine show in Armenian. The performance, in co-production with Versiliadanza and NCA Small Theatre, was repeated in October 2018, again in Yerevan, on the occasion of the Week of the Italian language in the world, promoted by the Italian Embassy in Armenia, and for the tenth anniversary of the collaboration between NCA Small Theatre and Versiliadanza.


director: Tuccio Guicciardini
choreography: Patrizia de Bari
video: Andrea Montagnani
with Ashot Marabyan, Christina Danielian, Narek Minassian, Luska Davtyan, Tamara Aydinyan, Mher Zalinyan
production: Giardino Chiuso, NCA.Small Theatre, Versiliadanza
with the support of Mibac, Regione Toscana, Ministry for Culture in Armenia, Italian Embassy in Armenia
in collaborazione con MART Museo di Trento e Rovereto, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
photo credits: Arda Khachaturian













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