Nunzia Picciallo


April 15, 2024 - April 23, 2024

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

Nunzia Picciallo in residency at PARC with the performance project Lemmy B.

Lemmy B. is a perspective upheaval in self-definition, a radical decision in self-conception. Don’t wait, act.
An unforeseen subjectivity emerges and asserts the will to be a generative presence in a dominant system that adopts fear as a founding element within a meticulous, suffocating control scheme. The aesthetic and the political establish themselves reciprocally in the space inhabited by Lemmy B. and stimulate transformative practices through which the subject opens up to an undetermined becoming, training scores of awareness.
In an exposed scene, where the sonic dramaturgy is a constant gaze that leaves no escape, the body, as the sole device capable of reconfiguring power dynamics, subverts norms, explores pleasure niches, and constitutive alliances.

Nunzia Picciallo is a multidisciplinary artist born in Italy. Her creations span between dance, performance and visual arts. In addition to creating and performing, she is a certified Gaga teacher and movement lab facilitator.
After graduating from Dance Arts Faculty in Rome, she continued her studies at Batsheva Excellence Program, Sadna Ga’aton, La ColletiZ and the Gaga teacher training program.
Her performances, choreographies, installations and visual art works have been presented in Italy, Germany, Taiwan, France, Israel, Palestine, Belgium, Panama, United States.
Winner of Circle contemporary dance contest 2021, in 2022 she was one the selected artists for the Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore 2022 – Network Anticorpi XL.
In 2023, she received the 3rd Price Performance at 27th International Solo Tanz-Theater, Stuttgart, followed by a tour in Germany, the Cortoindanza award for choreography writing and was selected for Stray Birds Dance Platform (Taiwan), where she received the SAI festival Award and the Masdanza Award.

photo: Stefano Sasso, detail










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