Olimpia Fortuni | Katatonic Silentio


October 29, 2023 21:45

Teatro delle Muse in Ancona | IT

as part of Cinematica Festival

Sound, movement, natural and artificial architectures are the tools of this complex compositional study which debuts on this occasion: a gift X (for) those who participate and X (for) those who host.
The synthesis is made for the public, X is a symbol whose two lines that cross are the bridge to enter into communication with the Other. Sound and Body are the journey, the musician and the dancer in the role of researchers/explorers are the means (X – for) that accompanies the spectators/travelers to another place to go back after with a sensory experience in an equilibrium between real and surreal.

X is a performance that is continuously changing thanks to the margin of non-definition that allows a constant research: through art two women on stage dance and play in the right balance between spirit and matter to express an energy that harmonizes and therefore heals.

Olimpia Fortuni is a dancer and choreographer. She graduated as a dancer at the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi in Milan and at the two-year course “Scritture per la danza contemporanea” directed by Raffella Giordano. She has presented her work as a choreographer since 2014 in numerous dance festivals in Italy and abroad. She is associate artist of Sosta Palmizi and collaborates as an artist on projects of various nature and duration for the brand RRUNA, which tells about art through fashion. Starting from the body, her research has been based for years on the study of time as a quality of movement and on the observation of the relationship between human beings, nature and animal which are the central themes of her creations.
Sound artist, live performer and independent researcher in sonic and performing arts and media studies, Katatonic Silentio explores the fields of electronic and experimental music with a unique approach to sound design, releasing music on numerous national and international labels and performing at venues and festivals across Europe. She is also active as an independent researcher: her practice converges halfway between sound and performing arts. Her sharp curiosity for cultural studies, combined with a strong passion for music, has led her to approach the world of sound with a sociological and anthropological methodology.

concept: Olimpia Fortuni
sound: Katatonic Silentio
performers: Olimpia Fortuni, Katatonic Silentio
study of shamanic practices: Corinna Ciulli
co-production: Sosta Palmizi and Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
residency support: Olinda/TeatroLaCucina

photo: Monia Pavoni











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