The Citerne Beirut project


October 13, 2021 18:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

Free access
upon reservation
tel. 055 365707 / 055 2638480

Citerne Beirut, a unique performing arts venue, was founded in Beirut. This mobile steel structure was designed to host new contemporary innovations and artistic creations. A flexible and mobile structure that could be reconfigured according to the artistic events and creations. Its objective was to set up a firm ground for the establishment of an interactive contemporary performing arts scene and to open a new horizon for local and regional artists. It aspired international cooperation, mobility, and cultural interaction.
In 2019 the space was dismantled due to the non-supportive public policies and corrupted governmental institutions.

Omar Rajeh and Mia Habis, Maqamat artistic directors, decided to continue the project developing, an online interdisciplinary digital space designed to serve as an artistic ‘safe hub’, and to propose a live streaming program of cultural events. It aims to provide a ‘cultural framework’ for creative thought online and to build a wider coalition of artists, cultural organizations and festivals. ‘A voice for culture’, reflecting its innovative values as well as values of cooperation, commonality, equality, solidarity, and transnational approach.











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