One-hit wonders

Sol Picó

May 7, 2016 21:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

To mark the 20th anniversary of the company, with One-hit wonders Sol Picó makes a brief review of the highlights of her career presenting a solo built with iconic pieces of the most representative works of her career: from D.V.A (Dudoso valor artístico) to Bésame el cactus, from Paella Mixta to El Llac de les Mosques and Memòries d’una puça.
The show is a celebration of the everyday life of an artist, of the common places all artists travel through.

The celebration of the fear of failure.
The celebration of your father’s desired recognition.
The celebration of our little deaths.
The celebration of the greatest hits.
The celebration of unfulfilled desires.
The celebration of the found happiness.
The celebration of what you can not see.
The celebration of abandoning your comfort zone.
The celebration of the shared passion.


Sol Picó is one of the most interesting protagonists of contemporary Spanish dance. With the company that bears her name, founded in 1994, she has built a creative path characterized by a mixture of genres and apparently irreconcilable elements.
In her works, whose titles are often ironic, she raises questions through the senses and the experience, bringing on stage key issues of today’s society in a totally unconventional way.


artistic direction: Sol Picó and Ernesto Collado
choreographer and dancer: Sol Picó
Scenography and actor: Joan Manrique
lighting designer: Sylvia Kuchinow
musical direction: Mireia Tejero
sound technician and road manager: Stéphane Carteaux
costumes design: Valeria Civil
movement assistant: Cristina Facco
photography: rojobarcelona
video: Óscar de Paz, Mayo films
production, management, distribution: Pia Mazuela
production and communication: Núria Aguiló
thanks to: Roberto Romei, Fèlix Pons, Eulàlia Bergadà Serra, Sabina Pérez García, Jordi Soler Company
international associates: Agente 129
company subsidized by Gobierno de España / Ministerio de Educatión, Cultura Y Deporte, Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Cultura, Icub Ajuntament de Barcelona, Institut Ramon Llull
co-producer: temporada alta 2014 – festival de tardor de Catalunya
reduced 12€
students 10€

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