Antonio Bissiri

May 26, 2017 21:00

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Pau is the name of a small village in Sardinia at the foot of Monte Arci that is one of the most significant Mediterranean sources of obsidian.
In this place, during the artistic residency “Terre dal Cuore di Vetro”, the project “Riflessi Ossidativi” was created, consisting of the photographic exhibition “I volti dell’Ossidiana” and the contemporary dance performance Ossidiana.
Obsidian is a volcanic glass and the specific rapid cooling conditions of the lava are at the origin of its structural homogeneity and its vitreous aspect.
This first dialogue with the volcanic glass, which retains the same properties as man-made glass, has shifted our attention to the theme of time and consistencies in constant relationship.
Reflection is another of the typical characteristics of obsidian. But obsidian does not reflect as a mirror, its reflection is so singular and intimate that it almost seems it doesn’t want to be noticed.
This is the second stimulus through which we carried on our choreographic research. The reflection of oneself, but also the continuous duality to which the individual is inexorably constrained, in which each of the two parts can be understood only in relation to the whole.
From the earliest times, two archetypical poles of nature were represented not only by bright and obscure, but also by male and female, rigid and flexible, above and below.
The purpose of the research is to try to apply the most significant elements emerging from the photographic research, and from our approach to volcanic glass, to the study of the bodies of the dancers and to the possibilities these bodies have to translate into movement the elements, images and suggestions emerged from research: Time, Consistences, Reflection, Space.
Antonio Bissiri


Born in Sardinia in 1982, Antonio Bissiri studied first in Macomer and then in Rome. Since 2006, he has studied improvisation and started an in-depth study of contemporary technique with Erika Silgoner, joining Esklan Art’s Factory.
In 2008 he danced for Esklan Art ‘Factory at “L’Arte e il suo Mestiere” Cinematographic and Theatrical Awards and in 2013 in Bordeaux in the pièce Moustache. In 2011, he danced with a major role in the film Blind Morning by Daniele Consoli and Massimiliano Coppola.
In 2013 he began working on personal choreographic projects and joined Monica Casadei’s Compagnia Artemis Danza for La Doppia Notte, Aida and Tristan. Always in 2013, he founded with Fabio Sau Prendashanseaux Danza e Fotografia, beginning a experimentation path, linked to the interaction between many artistic languages, especially that of photography.


choreography: Antonio Bissiri
dancers: Antonio Bissiri, Martina Monaco, Miriam Re, Salvatore Sciancalepore
light design: Fabio Sau
images / fine art photos: Fabio Sau
digital assistant: Francesca Bonettini
scientific collaboration: Museo dell’Ossidiana di Pau – Associazione Culturale Menabò
coproduction: Compagnia Prendashanseaux /Progetti Carpe Diem
realized within the artistic residency “Terre dal cuore di vetro”
The artistic residency “Terre dal cuore di vetro” is promoted and realized by Progetti Carpe Diem with the support of Regione Autonoma della Sardegna and MIBACT Ministero dei Beni, delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo


[photo: Fabio Sau]





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