May 17, 2017 21:00

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Planimetrie (Planimetry) is a study at three levels on the relationship between space, body and memory, between dance and architecture.

Planimetrie is a kind of emotional mapping of an empty space.
The elements that exist in the formalization of this geo-physics “plant” are: the body movement, sound system (analog and digital) and video and photo fragments. All this is installed in real-time space. Our goal is to enable the public to the process of construction of space, going towards a dimension of “real” performative process.
Low-fi memories, when we did not think to pack ourselves to the next. Memories disturbed by the present time. No decode. Planimetrie is the attempt to evoke an internal, unpredictability of memory, the imponderable reversibility of the tracks, picking up a beginning always the same and different.
A room, the one in which everyone puts the memory of its most profound essence. The occurrence of a specific space such as indescribable, made of distances between objects and proportions between the volumes, and whose final design, however, escapes all the time. The memory often changes the perception of the measures and distances. The body moves to a place of border that oscillates between interior and exterior landscape, in which the central sense of the intimate remains just mentioned, thin.
The sound is a result of the real-time manipulation of small objects, and relates to the continuous movement of the body, entering into dialogue with it and with space. The movement thus becomes a tool that defines the features of a place evoked only.
It’s possible to feel a space without seeing it?


Dehors/Audela arose from the meeting between Elisa Turco Liveri and Salvatore Insana in Rome in 2010. It is a project that brings together theatre, video art and performance in a continual research in which different artistic codes, while maintaining their specificity, generate new expressive forms. Body and action constitute the core of the dramaturgy in a practice in which the video also assumes physical traits and becomes part of the body.
In recent years Turco Liveri and Insana have created, in collaboration with the lighting designer Giovanna Bellini, theatre-video works, audiovisual research projects, urban installations, photographic projects and experimental workshops, in the constant attempt to go beyond genres, sites and tools.


concept: Dehors/Audela, Giulia Vismara
with Salvatore Insana, Elisa Turco Liveri, Giulia Vismara
music and sound design: Giulia Vismara
images and videos: Salvatore Insana
production Dehors/Audela
with the support of Anghiari Dance Hub, ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo, Armunia, Spazio K, Verdecoprente Re.Te. and Florian Meta-Teatro



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