Teatro della Tosse

July 6, 2017 22:00

Rocca di Montestaffoli in San Gimignano | IT


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** under 18, university/college students, theatre and dance schools students

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Loggia del Teatro dei Leggieri
Piazza Duomo - San Gimignano

Prometeoedio is the last chapter of the power trilogy started in 2013 with Antigone of Anouilh and continued with Caligula of Camus.
Emanuele Conte, creator and director of the trilogy, over time has shifted his analysis from the power to the “rebellion against power.” In Antigone the main character takes position against an established order, Caligula fights against himself as an incarnation of authority, while in this third chapter, Prometheus rebels against power in the absolute sense, the power that goes beyond man and concerns God.

At the center of Conte’s work there is the man with his wonderful nature made of imperfections, vulnerability, weaknesses and flaws. Human being is again at the core of history and loved for what he is: an analysis that is in open contrast with the dominant thought that evaluates the human being using parameters and patterns that only give rise to negative judgments.


by Emanuele Conte
from Aeschylus
directed by Emanuele Conte
costumes: Daniela De Blasio
lights: Tiziano Scali e Matteo Selis
direction assistant: Alessio Aronne
with Gianmaria Martini, Alessia Pellegrino, Enrico Campanati, Roberto Serpi, Pietro Fabbri
chief stagehand: Marco Lubrano
stagehands: Carlo Garrone, Fabrizio Camba
props woman: Renza Tarantino
costumes realization: Umberta Burroni e Paola Ratto
technical direction: Roberto d’Aversa
acting coach: Paolo Antonio Simioni


[photo, detail: Donato Aquaro]












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