Evan Parker & Walter Prati

May 21, 2016 21:30

Limonaia di Villa Strozzi Firenze | IT


Not included in FABBRICARD

Evan Parker (sax), Walter Prati (electronics)
in co-production with Tempo Reale


A new project by Evan Parker and Walter Prati that arises from the idea of exploring the pulse both as a temporal phenomenon and as an element of the timbre: a combination of music factors that is further enhanced by the “free improvisation” that unpredictably mixes the elements.
The are three different levels of interaction between the two musicians. The first one is the purely instrumental aspect, the recovery and variation of the musical ideas. The second one is the transformation of the sound which occurs in real time. The third one is the dialogue with sound samples, pre-recorded or pre-synthesized, which makes up the structure of the overall composition.
These are the elements through which the instantaneous composition (a different point of view of improvisation) is built.


Evan Parker was born in Bristol in 1944 and began to play the saxophone at the age of 14. He was a pivotal figure in the development of European free jazz and free improvisation. In his work he rapidly assimilated the American avantgarde — John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler and others — and forged his own, instantly identifiable style.
Though he has worked extensively in both large and small ensembles, Parker is known for his solo soprano saxophone music, a singular body of work that in recent years has centred around his continuing exploration of techniques such as circular breathing, split tonguing, overblowing, multiphonics and cross-pattern fingering. These are technical devices, yet Parker’s use of them is, he says, less analytical than intuitive; he has likened performing his solo work to entering a kind of trance-state. The resulting music is certainly hypnotic, an uninterrupted flow of snaky, densely-textured sound that Parker has described as “the illusion of polyphony”.


Walter Prati is composer and executor. He carries out an activity of musical research, directed towards the interaction between traditional musical instruments and new electronic instruments, obtained through the informatic application in the field of informatics.
His compositions are present in Italy in the playbills of the main theatres and musical exhibitions (Teatro alla Scala, Musica Presente, Musica per la Resistenza, Colloqui di informatica musicale, Biennale Musica Venezia) and in many European festivals
His main collaborations were with Evan Parker, Paul Lytton, Berry Guy, with the American guitar player Thurston Moore (member of the group Sonic Youth) and with the English singer Robert Wyatt.




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