Pupilla 1983/2014

Valeria Magli

May 3, 2014 21:00

Teatro Garibaldi di Bisceglie | IT


In 1983 Pupilla, a pièce by and with Valeria Magli, was rich in such unequivocal cultural references as Hans Bellmer and Heinrich von Kleist, articulated in a series of evocative, moving, rarefied images. It still is.
Today’s recreation of the pièce, performed by three dancers from DanceHaus Company, still tells the tale of the relationship between dolls, childhood, eroticism and more.
In Magli’s words: “Dolls belong to the large family of puppets, dummies and clockwork automata: human effigies related to the ancient myth of death and resurrection, the metamorphosis of the living into the dead”.
Rich in highly sophisticated imagination and carefully selected music and verse, Pupilla returns with its ambiguous she-robots from a pioneering Italian season of “poesia ballerina” that is still fresh today.


with DanceHaus Company
performed by Chiara Monteverde, Armida Pieretti, Susan Vettori
music: Claude Debussy, Gabriel Fauré, Juan Hidalgo, Ethelbert Nevin, C.J. Orth
music editing (1983) by Valeria Magli
music editing and restoration (2014) AGON
poesie di Hugo Ball, Milli Graffi, Letizia Paolozzi,Giovanni Pascoli, Gisèle Prassinos, Umberto Saba
text elaboration (1983) by Valeria Magli
with the collaboration of Letizia Paolozzi
direction assistant: Dalila Sena
choreography assistant: Maria Pia Tommaselli
lighting design: Michelangelo Campanale
costumes (1983): Valeria Magli
costumes restoration (2014): Elisa Scalvini
masks and mannequin (1983): Guerrino Lovato
doll (1983): Brigitte Starczewski Deval
production (1983): Teatro Franco Parenti
production (2014): ContART
reconstruction within the the project RIC.CI (Reconstruction Italian Contemporary Choreography)
conceived and directed by: Marinella Guatterini
direction assistant: Myriam Dolce
in collaboration with Amat – Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali, Arteven Circuito Teatrale Regionale Veneto,
Teatro Pubblico Pugliese – Comune di Bisceglie – progetto “Sistema Garibaldi”
in co-production with Fondazione del Teatro Grande di Brescia, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le arti contemporanee, Fondazione Milano Teatro Scuola Paolo Grassi, Fondazione Ravenna Manifestazioni, Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, Torinodanza

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